Friday, May 12, 2006

you know what ERKS me..the HOT MOM CONTEST

In my area the radio station Hot 99.5 was holding a HOT MOM contest. This was one of their contestants. Now they didn't choose who could enter but apparently they got alot of hate mail for the contest. (4th year in a row) I can understand why some would hate the contest....Me for one, I can't enter. I am not a HOT MOM. I have a 19month old and haven't lost all the baby weight yet. When I do...yeah I 'll be a hot mom. But I don't have the time to go work out...I work full time. Then I log on and see the above contestant. No matter how I may look...I think I might win over her...but props to her for being brave enough to strut her stuff in a bikinni. What annoys me about the contest may be a HOT MOM, but are you a good mother? So someone won $1000 for being HOT, but I really don't think being a MILF is the point. Congrats to the winner Stephanie though....yeah she's hot! I hope I can look like that after 2 kids.

And to all those mother's out there...Happy Mother's Day!!!!
Because you are a great mother you'll always be beautiful in someone's eyes. I think that is worth way more than $1000 bucks!

Comments please


JIN said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Red House said...


Happy Mom's day!

Ya hawttie! ;)

Urban Shaman said...

Ok this has to be said. You. Hot mom. Hell yeah! And that's just going by your smile (awe...aren't I sweet;)) As for being a MILF, I worked with a woman whose teenage daughter told her that her male friends thought she was a MILF (and she is). As I remember it, it was a month before her goofy grin disappeared.

I for one am glad that there's a hot mom contest. My tolerance for complaints by women who think motherhood (or insert what ever you want to complain about) makes them unattractive has long since been surpassed. I think it's a good thing to remind mothers they too are attractive individuals:) Mind you I'm looking at this from the "male perspective".

Urban Shaman said...

"male perspective"

I've never made a big deal of having a gender perspective before except in jest. And it's an in accurate thing to say. I imagine... no, I know there are woman out there who share my opinion. Obviously. There were participants. Secondly I know not all men share my opinion. It just came out that way because I've known a lot of woman afraid of their appearance and sexuality for whatever reasons and that bothers me. Attractiveness and sexuality is a gift not a dirty thing. I wish it was more "acceptable" for woman to feel that way but I'm working on it. The goofy smile on my co-worker's face was priceless and her happiness made the work environment that much more pleasant. The gift keeps giving;)

Anonymous said...

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