Friday, December 29, 2006

Looking it easy?

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As the new year approaches I have been thinking alot to myself what that means for me. The New Year is supposed to represent a clean start ( so we would like to think) but I wonder how many out there are haunted by past events. When I think about my past, there are so many things that I could have done differently. But then if I had done them differently would I be where I am and have what I have today. I think that this year has been a bit monumental for me. I have become a stronger person that I ever thought I could me. I have learned to stand up for myself, and I have learned how to be more loving towards my husband. Not that I wasn't loving, I just went into a bit of a nagging spell.
But it isn't just this year I reflect upon. I thought back to different times in my life that had major impacts on me, not all good, and the emotions come flooding back. I wonder, if every year is a clean start, why do things that happened 7 years ago still hurt when I think about them. I guess it's probably the same reason that I smile when I think about the wonderful things that have happened in my life.
2007 is going to be a major year for us, we are welcoming a new child into the world, and even though that hasn't happened yet, I smile and shed a happy tear.
I like the fact that I feel and I don't forget. It makes me who I am.
Happy New Year Everyone! I will see you again in 2007!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

After Holiday Highlights

Well I hope that everyone made it through the holidays unscathed. Our family managed to make it through with out a bunch of bloopers. Recap:
1. Went to my parent Christmas Eve and share our news of the new baby. It took my mother about 5 minutes to get what we were telling her.
2. Went to church with parents on the Eve, only to sit through an hour of a really weird Christmas message that was unappropriate for the holiday and my child in my lap.
3. Woke up around 2:30 am Christmas Morning with bad bad cramping almost went to the hospital, but farted and felt better. (must have been the greens)
4. Christmas morning, my son saw that santa brought him his very own vaccum cleaner. He played with it for 3 hours and refused to open any more gifts.
5. Puppy went into heat , on my furniture.
6. Spent the holiday in our new home, with just me, my son, my husband and 3 dogs. The 3 of us woke up together. Went down stairs together. Opened presents together. Ate breakfast Christmas morning together. Cuddled at nap time together. I am getting warm fuzzies just thinking about that!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas....This is it for me until after the Holiday!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Sez...

I am stealing this from Casual Slack
This is pretty awesome. Click the picture to play SantaSez
Some ideas to tell santa what to do:
Kiss Rudolph
Pick Nose
Fart or Flirt
...or make up your own and tell me the best ones you come up with so I can try!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas with the Littles

Just a little peekaboo into our world at Christmas!

According to a loser, I need a warning label

Here is a snippit of the article found here
"A leading professor in the U.K. said that obese people should be warned about the health risks of their weight when buying clothes, according to The Daily Mail.
Naveed Sattar, professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow, said that oversized clothing should have obesity help line numbers sewn on them to try to reduce Britain's obesity crisis.
The professor made the recommendations in this week's issue of the British Medical Journal."
Sir George Albert, the U.K.'s national director for emergency care, joined other health professionals in their recommendations. He wants the government to take a more proactive response to obesity.
The suggestion would be to put the label on all clothes with waist sizes over 37 inches for boys or 31 inches for girls. Women's clothes over size 16 would also get a label. "
This asshole thinks that there should be political intervention on obesity. Yes, this is only for the UK, but if they do it, who is to follow. I couldn't imagine going to the store and buying a pair of jeans with a little reminder basically saying "hey know you could lose a little!"

Well duh, does that jerk think I want to be overweight. Not everyone makes the choice. While there are things that I could do to lose weight, that is my choice, not the choice of some loser that knows nothing about losing weight after child birth. What about those that are seriously depressed over thier weight? Does he think that a label is going to change that? It won't. I doubt that any company in thier right mind would volontarily put this label on clothing, but if it is mandatory??? I know that we want to send a message to our children that healthy is good, but what about the message to love who you are. There are some medical reasons for obesity as well. Now he wants to stick a label to let you know that society says you are fat. If they get away with that, I wonder what would be next.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Two little pink lines

I have waited awhile now to sneak a peek at two little pink lines. I can't tell you how impatient I have been and how many tests I have taken. I never had to wait before. Well yesterday, finally, after praying over an $8 stick...and waiting 3 minutes... I looked down and at first glance saw one pink line...then as if God smiled down on me, a 2nd pink line began to appear.

This Christmas will be great! What a gift at such a perfect time of year!

Friday, December 15, 2006

I never knew...

This history of the Mistle Toe, so I looked it up HERE and this is what I found:
Origins of its name - The common name of the plant is derived from the ancient belief that mistletoe was propagated from bird droppings. This belief was related to the then-accepted principle that life could spring spontaneously from dung. It was observed in ancient times that mistletoe would often appear on a branch or twig where birds had left droppings. "Mistel" is the Anglo-Saxon word for "dung," and "tan" is the word for "twig". So, mistletoe means "dung-on-a-twig".
Now doesn't that make you wanna run out and kiss someone!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I always feel like, somebody's watchin me...

So what's up with this post?
I am talking about the Terrorist Surveillance Program. I am talking about the government tapping my phone and listening in on my calls to see if I am plotting some national terrorist attack. What right does the government have to listen in on my phone calls. I am a blond hair blue eyed all american chick. I have rights that need to be protected.....I have rights that need to be protected...I have rights that need to be protected. AHHHH I get it now. The government has every right to tap my freaking phone!!! I have nothing to hide. And I don't think there are a bunch ofnational security guys sitting on the other end getting off listening to me and Ang talking about our periods.. me not concieving yet and how I should take my temperature down there to make for better fertility... oh and how our husbands don't vacuum the house right and what a stinky diaper Ty just had while I was changing him and talking at the same time, her calling the dog into the house and making sure her daughter Layla is happy with her apple juice and coloring books.
On On August 17, 2006, U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor correctly ruled the program unconstitutional and illegal. (Yeah I'm a little late here) but it pisses me off. I don't want another world trade center. I don't want another call from my Aunt telling us that our Uncle was in the World Trade Center...crying on the other end. I don't want to be waiting all day to find out if my friend that worked in the Pentegon was safe. I don't want them calling my brother telling him that he is being called up for active duty to fight another war when one isn't finished yet.

Here is the article that prompted me to write this post.

So wire tap me when I call Germany... You won't hear much, but I sure will feel alot safer.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's time to start thinking about matter how much you hate it!

So it is that time of year again...time to start thinking about our New Year's Resolutions. I wonder how the resolution all got started. Was it "New Year, Fresh Start" thinking...if that were the case, how come at the first of the year...all the same shit from the following year seems to follow close behind...or add to my behind. I always say "I am going to lose weight this year" truth is, the average person packs on 10 pds a year, and this year..we are hoping to have another baby. SO I doubt that I will lose any weight. So my resolutions.. Paint the house, and get the basement finish....oops...I think I just came up with my husbands resolutions...!!! Funny how a ton of house repairs seem to happen when your prego and can't lift a finger to help! I do have a resolution for my son..get rid of the ninny. It will be tough, but hopefully he will be occupado with all the toys he will get over the holiday.(hopefully) So what about myself? Well I am going to try to have more patience and show the ones around me just how much they mean to me. Also, over the last year, if I take a long good look at myself, I was quite the nag. I don't want to be a nag I will try to spare my hubby's hearing and learn to bite my tounge a little more frequently. Other than that... I have no clue!
What about you?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mommy Slut!!

Click Kane's Pic to log on to hot 99.5
Kane wasn't the good one in the Bible ...right?
So this morning I am driving along, appeasing my child as I do every morning. We turn on the radio and take a listen, like we do, every morning. They are talking about the Mattell Little Mermaid doll and how some mom is making claims that the doll called her child a slut. So Sammy, one of the personalities had a supposed recording of the doll. They played it and it was Sammy in a hi pitched, somewhat awkward, English voice stating "this is the little mermaid and your a slut". Since they proceeded to play that clip several son was in the back of the car saying the same exact thing! Oh man Oh Man, I was thinking I was going to have some explainin' to do when I dropped him off with the nanny. So I called the radio to let them know of my disappointment (not really, thought it was rather funny) When Kane and I were talking (he is the new host of the show) Tyler called me a slut. Yes fellow bloggies, my son said 'Mommy Slut', while the majority of the Washington area tuned in. Kane had a brief 'Uncle to Tyler' talk... but I fear for the nanny today. I have to remind him that it is not a term of endearment. I will not be writing this down in his baby journal!

RWA and I were talking about clear channel firing our favorite radio hosts lately, I will admit I was devestated when Mark and Kris were fired..but all in all Kane has won my attention and loyaty. He does this kid satan routine that is hilarious...guess ya gotta be there. Here is the link to the stream! Listen in Canada!!!

Yes, 'spelling nerd' I know the name is spelled Cain.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Life is all about asses
you're either covering it,
laughing it off,
kicking it,
kissing it,
busting it,
trying to get a piece of it,
or behaving like one !

Sunday, December 10, 2006

If he is...should he say he is???

Thank you to my Canadian bloggies for inspiring this post

Hubby and I were in the car over the weekend and Clay Aiken's Christmas song came on and we were saying how he grew so much in the American Idol competition. Hubby made the remark that he doesn't understand if he is gay, why he just doesn't come out and say he was gay. In an interview with Diane Sawyer Clay responded to the question"

"I don't understand why you want to know," Aiken shot back. "I don't understand why it's any of your business.

"At some point, [the question] becomes just really rude, you know?" he said in an interview that aired Thursday on "Good Morning America."

Sawyer went right after Aiken, asking at the top of the interview if he was "ready to come out and say you're gay."

"That would not make sense for me do to that," Aiken said.

"I've gotten to a point where I feel it's invasive. Forget it. What I do in my private life is nobody's business anymore, period.

Is he right? Being a public figure, is it right to keep your sexuality a secret? The amount of stars this year feeling the pressure have caved in and come out of the closet. It gets to a point where there is so much speculation it consumes their public life and more than likely effects their work. Clay Aiken so far though since the Internet incident, has kept his sexuality a secret. I wonder at this point is it more detrimental to his career. I remember hearing news that a Church ended up canceling a concert they scheduled with Clay b/c of the speculation that he was gay. Nice of a church to discriminate, huh? But back to te original question...why should he come out? He is a performer, that is his employment.. we don't go to the grocery store and say to the clerk "before you ring me up, I need to know your sexual preference!" Why should it be any different for Aiken? I hope that he stands his ground, and I hope that even if he did come out with a partner, he still wouldn't answer the question and hopefully it won't have an adverse impact on his career. He is an upstanding guy that has always been religious, has always helped his community, donated and volunteered for charities and has been a huge mentor to our children. His sexuality should overshadow that.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Let's get political!

Click the pic for a larger view

UPDATE 12/10 heard on the news today President Bush stated the following "If we were to fail, it would be b/c we gave up!"
I liked that statement

In today's news I read the following:

Oregon senator makes emotional break with Bush over Iraq war

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Republican Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon made a dramatic break with President Bush on the Iraq war Thursday night, telling colleagues in an emotional speech on the Senate floor that he can no longer support a "lamentable" U.S. policy that has "failed."
Smith, a moderate who until now has been a supporter of the war, said he was at "the end of my rope when it comes to supporting a policy that has our soldiers patrolling the same streets in the same way, being blown up by the same bombs, day after day."
"That is absurd," Smith said. "It may even be criminal." Smith said while he doesn't believe Bush intentionally lied to get the United States into the war, he now thinks that "we have paid a price in blood and treasure that is beyond calculation" for a war waged due to bad intelligence. (Posted 10:05 p.m.)

While there are Iraq and Bush supporters, I feel that the sentiment through out America leans towards Anti Bush and Anti Iraq..pull our troops out! But I wonder, would that be a mistake? The first time we entered Iraq we pulled out way to early and left shambles( 11.5 months), this time would it be even more detrimental to do so. However, the war in Iraq officially began March 30, 2003. That is a long time. But then again, you have to consider this fact, Vietam lasted 8 years, Afganistan 5 yrs and counting, World War II 3 yrs 8mos, Korean war 3 yrs. So is time what it takes to get the job done? For the family members at home...It's a leader that gets the job done...for the troops over's a leader that gets the job done... and as we can see in the above article, for the's a leader that gets the job done!

Thoughts please, especially outsider veiws from other countries.


RWA in the comments section stated "You do not hear the stories about the groups of people who come running to them, thanking them for getting them out from under Saddam's dictatorship." - Of course not...that would make for boring news..

So I post this picture for you that my brother took while in Iraq!

Cute little kid waving to the soldiers...huh!

What to you DIS like about the holiday's

So it tis the season! I like this cartoon a bunch! But I really dislike Eggnog no matter how much liquor you put in it.
I figure I should get out now what I dislike about the holidays..just to get it out of my system and not have to burn for blowing my temper later.
I dislike the following:
Hunting for the perfect tree
Rude people with the bahumbug spirit in shopping centers
I dislike having to drive to my parents an hour and a half away then driving to my dad's(who is always complaining) then driving an hour to see my brothers, then and hour to my sister in laws then going home rushing to put out gifts then waking up rushing and having to drive to my mother in laws. Though I love seeing everyone, I can't stand the driving!!
It is so cold here during the winter and I can't stand cold.
I dislike feeling guilty for eating too much
But there is so much I do love....Mostly
This year is going to be so exciting waking up in our new home and watching my two year old open gifts. He has already snuck in the guest bedroom and peaked...try taking a toy from a two year old. I love the way my parents dote on him during the holidays. This will be the first year that I have with 2 new nieces in our family. This year we won't be driving 'as much' as previous years. My mother makes a stuff ham that kicks ass like nobody's business. Hubby always manages to buy me something to make me blush. I almost always get some Christmas nookie.
Our tree always looks perfect. I love watching the dogs eat thier treats from thier Christmas stockings..minus the occasional territorial growl. And I love being reminded every year that Christmas is not just about gifts, it's family, its the gift of life and love...who could not love that!

Plus....I got the best freaking Christmas gifts ever for everyone this year!! HA HA HA HO HO HO!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ooops I did it again...

I can't believe I did it again. I lost my darn credit card! 4th time too! First time I lost it, I found it in a coat pocket after I cancelled it. 2nd time I lost it, I uhh..just lost it, 3rd time it fell under the bathroom sink cuz it was in my pants pocket. 4th time...just this week, uh I just lost it. Hubby was just dumb founded. I got lectured, especially b/c of the Christmas Holiday. Last year around this time, someone hacked our bank accounts while we were in the middle of buying a house and during the holiday shopping time. We were so upset and scared. Now I have just become a ditz and keep begging the hackers to come and git me!!! Michael says I need to glue the cards in my wallet. My reply "Then I will end up losing my wallet!" -Does this happen to anyone else?

Funny thing about the chick that hacked our accounts last year. When I called, the retailers wouldn't tell me the shipping address. They could charge my accounts, but not tell me what I ordered and where it was going. Nice. So I tracked the bitch down and let her have a piece of my mind. Luckily, we only ended up losing $50, but compared to a couple thousand that she wracked up...I was grateful!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Traditions...(plus your advent cartoon)

Everyone has holiday traditions. I wanted to share mine, they may be normal, they may not be.. I'd be curious to hear everyone elses traditions.
Here we go:
Every Year we bring out Giant 2ft. coloring books and color a page, then pack them away for the next year
Every year we buy Whistle Pops, (1950's candy) and everyone has to play the song that is in their whistle pop. Over the years they have been harder and harder to find.
Every year my mother reads the story of the birth of Jesus while we eat her homemade muffins (my great grand mother's recipe)
Every year we put on the tv with the fire log and music playing while we open presents.
Every year we HAVE to watch the Christmas Story. "You'll poke your eye out!!"
Hubby and I take turns every year, he decorates the house in Colored lights on his turn, and I decorate in White lights on my turn. I know, I am so boring.
Every Year, I read my version of the Night Before Christmas. I will share it with the comments section.
Now I wouldn't say anything on my tradition list is weird... I look forward to it every year.

Mani It's Cold in Here!

Okay, so I am at work right now, the thermostat is broken, I decided not to wear stockings, shit I never wear stockings, we have no batteries to start the thermostat, I don't foresee anyone but me going out and buying batteries because the temps dropped 30 degrees outside and I really don't feel like freezing my ass off today!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dec 3rd Adult Advent Calender...

So hubby put up the lights tonight. I must say, our home looks cute. I can't wait for people to drive up the way and say, Oh I like your pretty! Michael worked really hard on them...I worked hard watching him work hard. I will post pics later. Anyone else notice though, how expensive Christmas decorations are? I really have to shop around to find a deal. I think that this year we will go the day after Christmas and stock up on decorations. I just can't see myself paying $30 for one star to decorate my window, just one window. I live in an older towne too, where the houses are from the 18 - early 1900's. When you drive through the old towne, people have all their windows decorated with wreaths..even the back windows...that's like a billion dollars!!!! Hopefully the after market sales will be good this year!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanks to RWA, Dec 2nd Adult Advent Calender

All the adults Cheer !!! It was worth the wait!


I want to post but bc of this new beta crap is f'd up. I reported the problem.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Erks...The Advent Calender...

As I watched my son take the first piece of chocolate from his advent calender I thought "Where's mine" .... So...
From Now until December 25th, I am going to be doing an adult advent calender. A little humor to brighten our bahumbug days!
Here is Dec 1st