Sunday, October 28, 2012

Political Church.

What would Jesus approve?
Today's message. Well duh! If you are Republican, you know the pastor was siding with you.
I don't think politics has any place in the church. Sure, you can say it's a follow your heart, rely on the bible for guidence message, but really... shouldn't be at the pulpit.
This is the 2nd time our pastor has disappointed me. The first was a message on gays. You can't agree with someone 100% of the time... and I try to look past the two times I have been disappointed to see the greater message. And overall, I have been very happy.
The main thing I got out of the sermon was to have patience in political debates. We all know I can't do that. I do have a strong point. Unfortunately, I haven't found that perfect canidate to agree with me.