Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Goodness...oooh oooh oohh it's a...

Hubby and I are so excited to announce that we are having a little girl! We were so thrilled to see her moving about and got a great shot of those tiny little feet! We have to go in for another sonogram just to make sure her heart is forming correctly, but we aren't worried. She is still tiny so maybe they just couldn't see everything.
Michael called everyone announcing "Get ready for the future Miss America!

I said to hubby...get ready for the invasion of pink! Wink wink **
Advice to the "parents again to be...but this time it's a girl" ...welcome!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My opinion has changed....

John Edwards still running for President in 2008, even though wife's cancer has come back incurable.

I have changed my mind about John Edwards and his decision to run. Two posts ago, I asked is it wise.My familial experience with cancer has proven to be that cancer is a never ending battle. If you give in and let it rule your life and do not go on about your life as if you didn't have this nasty thing inside of you, then you let cancer win. They say that cancer is not only a physical battle, but a mental one. If you or someone you loved ever suffered from the effects of cancer, you know, you cannot give in. Good luck Senator Edwards, my prayers are with you, your wife and your family!

Shame on you Katie this how you get ratings? Click to read the article where Katie Couric grills Edwards and wife. To listen to portions click play below...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Where I come from!!! (this is a long one ya'll)

Maryland, my home state. Me and Nic have been discussing the Maryland crab b/c another bloggie friend mentioned he came from Minnesota...I said..geesh what's out there? SOOO I thought a cool thing for all my bloggie contacts today would be to post about "Where ya'll come from" I think it would be neato!

So I will start. Maryland Home Flower, Black-eyed Susan, Bird Oriole, Song, Maryland My-Maryland, Best known for the Maryland Crab!

We have Annapolis. Great Shopping. Historically important in the developement of the settlers and America. Great Harbor with pretty sail boats and great food!
The US Naval Academy (That is yummy too wink wink)
You can take boats out and go drudging for oysters! Slimey but fun! It is the Capital of Maryland.

We have the Baltimore Harbour, again historical, especially for the battles. Great Art district. The Baltimore Aquarium. Comedy clubs, Shopping, Dining, very close to Orioles Stadium (ick) and the Ravens(ick ick) (sorry that is the hubby in me)

We have Ocean City. The outlets are there for great shopping deals. The Beach with vacation homes and expensive hotels. The best damn caramel popcorn in the world. Putt Putt golf, the boardwalk with hundreds of tempting treats to choose from, you can't just eat one kind of funnel cake. The amusement parks with crazy ridges and the Sling Shot bungee!
Assateague Island, a natural barrier with beautiful marsh lands and also where all the wild horses run free on the beaches.
This is my little One running for the water in Ocean City.

Deep Creek Lake. Ski trails in the winter, Great Camping and hiking in the summer near the lake. Beautiful water falls. Up this way too you have some awesome white water rafting! That shit gets crazy. But the best part of deep creek...Candy World! (wink wink)Kind of crazy though when you are camping and too scared to walk to the nearest bathroom at 2 am so you go in the woods and see one glowing eye staring out think it is a bear so you freak out pee on your leg and run to your hubby who shines the flash light...and it turns out to be a deer.(not that that happened to me or anything)
And who could forget the Maryland Crab. Steamed with Old Bay seasoning, a bowl of melted butter on one side and a bowl of vinegar mixed with old bay for dipping on the other. Some love their crab in the famous Maryland Crab cake, some like it in Maryland Crab Chowder or Maryland Crab I like it sitting for 3 hours picking at the table eating nothing but fresh steamed lump crab ...melting in my mouth like the creamiest M&M, only better!

There ya have it. There is a ton more and my fellow Maryland'ers would probably hit me for missing it all, but hey... this is my website hahahahahahahahahaa!

So where do you come from? RWA, ECRAIG, NIC, NiKKY, HYPERSONIC>>>>this means you!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it wise?

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (Reuters) - Democrat John Edwards said on Thursday he will continue his campaign for the White House even though his wife Elizabeth has suffered an incurable recurrence of the cancer that struck her in 2004.
"The campaign goes on. The campaign goes on strongly," Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina and the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, said at a news conference in his hometown with Elizabeth at his side.

Cancer...whew! That is a tough one. Then to find out that it is incurable. I pray for their family, but I don't know if I could vote for a person whose wife is battling cancer. That takes up alot of attention, and God forbid anything were to happen to her. How would our president cope running a country AND taking care of a dying wife properly. I sure hope she lives a long and healthy life. I just think that he needs to take care of her, adding taking care of an entire country to that palate seems to great of a challenge. I could be wrong...but that is just my personal take.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Golden Years

A couple had been married for 50 years. They were sitting at the breakfast table one morning when the wife says, "Just think, fifty years ago we were sitting here at this breakfast table together."
"I know," the old man said. "We were probably sitting here naked as a
jaybird fifty years ago."
"Well," Granny snickered "Let's relive some old times."Where upon, the two stripped to the buff and sat down at the table. "You know, honey," the little old lady breathlessly replied, "My nipples are as hot for you today as they were fifty years ago."
"I wouldn't be surprised," replied Gramps. "One's in your coffee and the other is in your oatmeal."
Hubby and I were joking about the golden years the other night. The topic of changing our diapers came up and quickly disappeared. I wonder if we were scared to talk about it, grossed out, or just un-prepared. I know that my grand-father took care of everything for my grand mother, even when her mental capacities had failed and her physical condition deteriorated. The day he died, he had several mild heart attacks at home b/c he refused to leave the house until an ambulance had picked up his wife. Then he went to the hospital and passed from one more major heart attack that night. That is love.

I wonder how many of us have actually thought about 'those' years to come and have begun preparing for it. Hubby says it's depressing to talk about wills and estates and the placement of our children...but if you don't do it..the same thing will happen that happened to my family. & days after my grandfathers death my grandmother passed away. You see, she suffered from Alzheimer's and had to be told every few hours that her husband passed away. Her heart was broken. One thing, my grand parents forgot to divide assets. My grieving family had to deal with the tax man knocking on their doors a week later to take inventory of my grand parents things.
I think a little planning might not be a bad idea.

ps. the pic is of my mother's parents.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why I don't trust politics

It's all about the political dance. What can we say or commit to without offending or alienating the different groups we try to appeal to. The gay issue is one of the major issues for me that make me look to the 'other' side. I have always voted with Republicans, but I have a duty to protect the cival rights of those I love and respect. Following the Moral issue post, Democrat runners Clinton and Obama, who very openly support gay rights, had not said anything to discredit the Morality statement from General Pace, Why? Especially since they openly fight for gay equal rights? This article tells us why :

While both Clinton and Obama are courting gays and lesbians, and would allow them to serve openly in the military, the Democratic front-runners have been curiously reticent about challenging the statements of the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff.The highest-profile pol to say homosexuality is not immoral?

"So why the dance? Clinton and Obama supporters, speaking on condition of anonymity, said both might have been trying to avoid offending socially conservative Democrats, particularly churchgoing African-Americans, who share Pace's views.

Later, an Obama spokesman said the senator, in fact, disagrees with Pace

That sequence was remarkably similar to Clinton's responses Tuesday. When an ABC reporter asked her about the issue, she replied, "Well, I am going to leave that to others to conclude."

Later, a Clinton spokesman said the senator, in fact, also disagrees with Pace.

Steve Sanders, a gay Democrat who sat on the party's platform committee in 2000, said Clinton and Obama are engaged in a delicate balancing act. "Hillary and Barack have made very public overtures to religious Americans. They are trying to figure out how progressive Democrats can also make appeals to Americans of faith. It's a work in progress."

So what I take from this is basically, Clinton and Obama didn't want to speak up because they are also courting Church going people. So if they actually follow through and stick up for the gay and lesbian community...instead of just making promises, they might alienate a portion of their voting community. So I ask myself, are they really going to follow through with the promises they are offering the gay community? Or are they saying it to get the vote?

Attention Democrat vote is may still get my republican ass to elect you, but don't make empty me, prove to me that you will follow through!!!

The apology bot!

This is too F***ing funny! I sent it to hubby this morning when he was in the middle of a meeting. Tee hee hee!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who should be the judge of moral character?(edited)

As reported on
- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine General Peter Pace proclaimed on Monday

"I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts. I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way. As an individual, I would not want [acceptance of gay behavior] to be our policy, just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with somebody else's wife, that we would just look the other way, which we do not. We prosecute that kind of immoral behavior."

Who is he to decide what is moral and immoral? What gives him the right to proclaim that homosexuality should be a prosecutable offense?

Update: I have edited some of my earlier comments b/c I realized that they were harsh and judgemental. It didn't serve my point as pointed out by a bloggie friend.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

who would you choose?

I was in the car jammin to the music and thought to myself, if I was on an island with hubby and could never leave...which musical band (that could never die) would I take with me if they were the only music I could have....

Fleetwood Mac

so many different voices in one was an easy decision

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vagina ; Who came up with that name?

Saskboy has challenged bloggers to use the word Vagina in a post yesterday. I am a day late, but I have good exuse. So I was trying to think of some clever post about the word "Vagina". I tried to find out who named 'it' ;'that'. Come on, let's be real, 'Penis' is a much friendlier word. My hubby tells my son he has a wee wee, but I correct him and say son you have a 'Penis'. Why? Well I don't find the word so offensive. There are other names for a penis, but not so many as a Vagina. Why, again? VAGINA...eeeww. It is just so abrasive and out there. So other names have naturally won out other than the name of taken from the Vagina Monolouges "coochie, a hoo-hoo, a fluff ... actually, almost any word that could apply to a pet guinea pig seems fit for the job." So if this baby is a girl... I wonder, when it comes time to potty train, will she have a Vagina or a guinea pig?

UPDATE: Just found out the Latin name for Vagina means literally "sheath" or "scabbard" . Scabbard.. that sounds so.. pretty.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

O'Malley to reform the death penalty/doesn't make sense

I was listening to the radio the other day and the news flash told how our new Governor wants to reform the death penalty in Maryland. Since he cannot abolish it (many attempts have failed) he wants to reform it to say that the death penalty should only be used in cases when the deceased is a police or corrections officer.
I read this article the other day "O'Malley Seeks End To Md. Executions" Snippets of the article highlight O'malley's points. False convictions have been overturned, freeing the wrongly accused b/c of DNA evidence. BUT.. my point, those free'd were from the 70's and 80's. DNA had not been perfected. But now, another point of the article, you have DNA evidence, forensics, 3 separate juries that convict you and find you guilty beyond a resonable doubt for the murder of two innocent people. Where is the confusion there O'Malley? And if you say that you are scared of wrongful convictions, then why is it okay to convict if the victim is law enforcement? Could you still have the wrong guy?
In the New York Post this week was an article about a major drug lord caught and convicted on a murder charge in New York. He pleaded saying he would confess to other crimes if the death penalty were taken off the table.... could the police have ever guessed he would then confess to more than 30 murders? And he gets to live the rest of his life, yes behind bars, but he still lives.
What about those that rape, mutilate and murder children? They do not deserve the death penalty. I shiver at the thought.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Isn't that illegal? (It should be)

The only thing I really know about Bill Maher is that he is some famous nobody that dressed up like the late Steve Irwin, with a sting ray tail sticking out of his chest. From that point on I didn't like him. He is cruel and so NOT funny. But over the weekend on HBO's show "Politically Incorrect" he said basically the world would be a safer place if the assassination attempt on Dick Cheney's life had succeeded. He didn't say it once but a few times in attempts to justify his point. He may have is own opinion, and it may be free speech, but to wish someone dead is disgusting. I hate all these people that spout off all their political views but have done nothing to help our country whatsoever! Just another big mouth in a fancy house!
I have a a snipet of the article for you to read:
Here's the deplorable sequence of events for those that have the stomach for it
Maher: What about the people who got onto the Huffington Post - and these weren't even the bloggers, these were just the comments section - who said they, they expressed regret that the attack on Dick Cheney failed.
Joe Scarborough: Right
Maher: Now...
John Ridley: More than regret.
Maher: Well, what did they say?
Ridley: They said "We wish he would die." I mean, it was (?) hate language.
Barney Frank: They said the bomb was wasted. (laughter and applause)
Maher: That's a funny joke. But, seriously, if this isn't China, shouldn't you be able to say that? Why did Arianna Huffington, my girlfriend, I love her, but why did she take that off right away?
After some discussion about why Huffington should or shouldn't have taken these comments down, the following occurred:
Ridley: It's one thing to say you hate Dick Cheney, which applies to his politics. It's another thing to say, "I'm sorry he didn't die in an explosion." And I think, you know...
Maher: But you should be able to say it. And by the way...
Frank: Excuse me, Bill, but can I ask you a question? Do you decide what the topics are for this show?
Maher: Yeah, I decide the topics, they don't go there.
Frank: But you exercise control over the show the way that she does over her blog.
Maher: But I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn't be dying needlessly tomorrow. (applause)
Scarborough: If someone on this panel said that they wished that Dick Cheney had been blown up, and you didn't say...
Frank: I think he did.
Scarborough: Okay. Did you say...
Maher: No, no. I quoted that.
Frank: You don't believe that?
Maher: I'm just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That's a fact.
Wake up, HBO: one of your hosts said the world would be a safer place if the Vice President of the United States of America had been assassinated.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Facing your demons

My closest childhood friend gave birth to a beautiful 9lb 9 oz baby girl last week. Thing about my friend..she is a procrastinator. She thought that when the baby came she would look into her eyes and a name would instantly come to her. Not so. She and her hubby have been struggling. Her family has interjected on almost every name she has come up with. So hubby and she decided that they would name the baby, put it on the birth cert and then tell everyone. They did. And boy did the shit hit the fan.

Baby is now named Lillith. Her parents have been giving births to cows for the last two days. They picked the name because of the reference to her independence. She knew that Lillith as the first woman in the bible and in Eden, that she didn't want to submit to Adam, so she was sent from Eden and the Lord created Eve. She didn't go any deeper than that. Her mother did though. Here is what she found:
Lilith is a female Mesopotamian night demon or vampire associated with wind and thought to harm children. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Babylonia, circe 3000 B.C.E. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name "Lilith" at somewhere around 700 B.C.E.[citation needed]
In the
Book of Isaiah, Lilith (Hebrew: לִילִית) is a kind of night-demon or animal, translated as onokentauros in the Septuagint, as lamia "witch" by Hieronymus of Cardia, and as screech owl in the King James Version of the Bible. Lilith also appears as a night demon in the Talmud and Midrash. She is often identified as the mother of all incubi and succubi. Late medieval Jewish legend portrays her as the first wife of Adam, who left the Garden of Eden after a dispute with her husband, and subsequently became the mother of demons, the Lilin. Lilith is also sometimes considered to be the paramour of Satan.
Her parents have been begging her to change it and have given my friend no peace. Then her sister had the nerve to say to her " Well when I was at your house, I could feel the presence of demons all around me. I had to pray over the blood of our savior to save your family and "other 2yr old daughter" (sorry no names)
First thing I said to my friend "Did you ask her if she brought them with her?"
I am so happy for my friend that she has another beautiful little girl. I am sure that if we all dig deep enough we could find something bad in every name. It isn't fair to ruin the happiness that my friend has right now. You know I was always taught, if you focus in on the demons in this world so much, you let them in because your focus has turned away from God. I told my friend maybe her family needs to pray...then get over it.