Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

No resolutions for me...just looking forward.

Friday, December 19, 2008

And what brings me out of my cave? > Got this email today!

***Our Company that shall remain nameless but forever will burn in hell***(okay I put that in there) has learned from many of our vendors, customers and attorneys that their offices will be closed Friday, December 26th for the holidays. Because of this, we will be closed Friday, December 26th INSTEAD of Wednesday, December 24, 2008. We will be open all day on Wednesday, December 24th. If you had planned to take Friday, the 26th as a vacation day, you can choose to take Wednesday, 12/24 as a vacation day instead subject to approval by your manager. We anticipate Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be extremely busy days. Taking Wednesday as a vacation day may or may not be an option due to work load. Please discuss with your manager. Thanks. Happy Holidays!

So I suppose you want to know what I think about that?

And That's what I think about that!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Present to you ~ A Glowjob!

Okay Folks... Been slammed at work lately, so I actually have to do what most people do during the day SOOO I think this post is my last until the first of the year.
I wish you all a very awesome Christmas, we know we have all been a bit naughty this year, but maybe it will work to our advantage.
If I don't find something that tweaks my interest before the New the dumb ass guy trying to sell Obama's Sentor spot in Illinois..... I will see you January 5th!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Recieved this post card today

Got in in the mail from that damn Josh Halloway again. When is this guy going to stop stalking me..omg! He knows we could never be together, but he still insists on sending me half nude photos of himself. Now if I could only get that Daniel Craig fellow to leave me alone. I am just not interested in being another bond girl on his arm. I know, I know, the sex would be great, but I love my husband.

Monday, December 08, 2008

heading down what path?

With the massive government bailout... well exceeding 700 billion...the government now has a hand in the regulation of the mortgage industry as well as a peice of the pie so to speak...

so now another bailout is rearing it's ugly head...the auto industry. The government is set to pass a bail out for the 3 major auto makers, and in turn, they will not only regulate the auto industry, but they will recieve 20% of the profit from all loans taken out on new auto, and compensation from other areas.

It's kind of like Mommy stepping in to manage your check book b/c you have been careless with your spending and have tapped yourself out on credit. But mommy now gives you and allowance and takes 20 cent per dollar you make for the trouble of it all.

My thought is this.... is this still Democracy? Or are we heading toward a different path...a destructive one.

Did you hear how the democrats want to regulate the price of gas. They say that when gas hits $2, it can go no lower. If the price of oil goes down, and it would normally cost 1.50 for a gallon, you the consumer would still be charged the $2, and the .50 cents would go towards an additional tax. WTF?

I am getting grumpy.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

hey man, um, yeah, see my mom is dying, and daddy says it could be any second, so man could you spare some change for some shoes...

Cause you know Jesus is going to be looking at her feet!!!!!!!

Christmas Shoes...everytime it comes on the radio, I cringe. Who the heck writes a song about a child's mother dying and the kid runs into the cold to buy his mother new shoes...but see the kid is so f'ing poor, he can't afford shoes for her. Then the man in line after being irritated that he had to wait in line while this kid counted pennies, gets all teary eyes and 'lays the money down'....I cannot stand that Christmas song...
I think it is the worst Christmas song ever,....
However John Denver did write a doozy...Please Daddy, (don't get drunk this Christmas) Wow....

Let's comprise a list.
Christmas shoes is my first vote!