Monday, December 08, 2008

heading down what path?

With the massive government bailout... well exceeding 700 billion...the government now has a hand in the regulation of the mortgage industry as well as a peice of the pie so to speak...

so now another bailout is rearing it's ugly head...the auto industry. The government is set to pass a bail out for the 3 major auto makers, and in turn, they will not only regulate the auto industry, but they will recieve 20% of the profit from all loans taken out on new auto, and compensation from other areas.

It's kind of like Mommy stepping in to manage your check book b/c you have been careless with your spending and have tapped yourself out on credit. But mommy now gives you and allowance and takes 20 cent per dollar you make for the trouble of it all.

My thought is this.... is this still Democracy? Or are we heading toward a different path...a destructive one.

Did you hear how the democrats want to regulate the price of gas. They say that when gas hits $2, it can go no lower. If the price of oil goes down, and it would normally cost 1.50 for a gallon, you the consumer would still be charged the $2, and the .50 cents would go towards an additional tax. WTF?

I am getting grumpy.


e.Craig Crawford said...

This is the Democrats at work for your benefit, Ellie. Yeah, right.

On the other hand, I think we'll see two bucks a gallon as the economy rebounds. I hope it rebounds. Once that happens, I think supply & demand will ensure it doesn't drop below two again. Could I be wrong?

Woozie said...

It's already below $2 between the mountains and the Mississippi river. Saw it as low as $1.50.