Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Is this it...hubby thinks so

Well I have been trying to cope. It's been hard with a 3 year old running around and not paying attention to anything I say.
Breast feeding night and day. I feel like a giant boob. If she isn't hungry, she is doing it just for comfort.
Then you have two poopie diapers at the same time, while she is on the boob and the phone starts ringing while the neighbor next door locks herself out of her house and comes over to use the phone (still ringing) so the knocking at the door sets the 3 dogs off and I am too weak to pull the dogs away. Soooo everything finally gets calm and I try to get the toddler to nap. He doesn't want to nap so he throws a tantrum and then the baby wants the boob again. then knocking at the door again so the dogs go crazy yet again...I flip out. I cuss, I cry and I get pissed at the neighbor who was just trying to bring over a gift for the baby and the toddler.

So in the middle of the night husband asks the question. 'Honey, do you feel okay', I reply not really, just tired that's all. Husband then asks 'Are you getting depressed?, if so maybe you should take your medicine'

Am I getting depressed? I don't know, part of me says yes, the other part says I can deal with it, then there is the part of me that remembers my first pregnancy. Waking at 3 in the morning, yelling at my husband, crawling into the closet on the floor and calling my mother telling her that I was so close to the kitchen with all the knives and Michael was lucky he was holding the baby. I say I won't let it get that far again, but who am I to judge if I become depressed and then stay in denial.
I would like to think I know better this time.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

OMG!!!! So gross... too funny

The newest skittles commercial...have you seen it?

what I don't get...why is he being milked? Who comes up with this shit?

United States Educational System at it's Best

did she even give a complete answer?
What was the question again?
What about South Africans, Asians and Iraq?

Did she even graduate...or clep out?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Two posts in one; New laws

Post One
Since I got out of the hospital, I have was almost hit a numerous amount of times by horrible drivers. Not drivers talking on their cells, not drivers putting on make up, not young and irresponsible drivers, but OLD PEOPLE that simply can't drive. Maybe back in the day they new how to drive, but now a days, you see older people swerving on the road b/c they can't see over the steering wheel, going about 20 miles under the speed limits b/c they don't want to go fast, slamming on their brakes for I don't know what, and almost killing my family in the process.
I think that when you reach a certain age, 70ish, you should have to retake the driving test every 5 years. I think that it should be mandatory. Some might think that the younger drivers cause most of the accidents out there but I think older drivers cause just as many when you compare the ratios, drivers to accidents.
Anyone else with me?

Post Two
In another relevant story. My two year old was almost hit by a car while my husband took him out for a bike ride. She couldn't have been more than 16 years old going 35-40 mph in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood consists of 2 streets, no one should go that fast. Plus she drove in the middle of the road. My husband had to pick my son and his bike up and throw him into the grass to avoid being hit.
He cussed the girl out and her mother came out of their house telling my husband that he was being too hard on the girl. Mind you I just gave birth to a baby and I am not supposed to go out of the house. But something compelled me to go to this woman's house. When I got there, the daughter answered the door crying hysterically. I calmly looked at her and said "you could of killed my child today" she kept saying how sorry she was. I took her in my arms and held her. I said, "you could of, but you didn't. So I hope that you slow down and be more careful." I said a few other things...I couldn't believe I was the one calming her down. But I wanted to make an impact. But her mother was a bitch. She said she didn't think it was that close, but the daughter fessed up and told her it was.
Law number drivers license till your 18...OR, 16 years old and from school and work, no friends in the car past 1 additional passenger, no cell phones. Mandatory Rookie driver signs.
What do you say to that?
I know it's horrible to say about anyone dying, but I hear...Fidel Castro is dead.
I hope it's true.

Monday, August 20, 2007


Emma Josephine
Big Brother holding his new sis

Emma Josephine was born August 16th at 1:20 pm.
She weighed 6lbs 11oz nd was 19.5 inches long.
She is the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world...atleast Michael and I think so.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Had to post this... Please Pray or send Good thoughts

If you don't pray...atleast please think of these people during your afternoon.
Major Setback in Utah Mine Rescue Effort (click link for article)

Rescue efforts for the six trapped miners has been halted for a week. Even if the miners survived the collapse, it's hard to believe that they will survive the week with out air, food or water.
Pray for those rescue teams that had to make the decision to hault the effort due to dangerous conditions.
Pray for the families that await the return of their miners, husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and sons.
Pray for the miners, hoping they will find peace and that somehow the strength to make it through this ordeal alive.

It is a truly sad situation that makes it hard for me to even comprehend. Words can't express how much I 'feel' for all those involved.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's been a fun ride....

When I started blogging a year ago, I never thought how much I would enjoy it. I am sad to say goodbye to it for a bit.

My contractions are becoming more frequent and I am going through some horrible pelvic pain. I feel like even though we are still counting down the days, we might not make it to the planned due date. The doctor said to me on Tuesday "Well Elnora, I wouldn't be surprised if you have this baby by next week". I am not sure if that got my head telling my body, but something is definately going on.

So I have decided to say "See ya later" for a bit.
I'll check in after the birth, when we are home, safe and moving around a bit.

Thanks everyone! Wish us Luck!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New York New York...what are you thinking?

First it was the Trans Fat ban. Then it was the Smoking Ban...or vice versa. Now it's the bottle ban.
Is this what Democrats think of when they are sitting behind closed doors..."whoa this is a great campaign move...and will better society as a whole...maybe the world will follow...." What is the bottle ban, you ask? Well it's not so much as a ban, but a campaign to stop women from bottle feeding, and to promote breast feeding. They say it's better for the children, it is, but it's a personal choice, or at least I thought so. They are starting the campaign by banning all free formula samples, especially in the hospitals after you give birth.
For those who don't know, in the hospitals, Enfimil and Similac give out diaper bags stuffed with free goodies to start you out.
I think that this could be seriously detrimental to women's mental health as well. When I tried breastfeeding for the first time, I tried for 3 weeks. When I failed, I was thrown into post pardom depression b/c I felt like failure. Not only could I not deliver him naturally, he ended up in NICU, they kept giving him bottles when I was breastfeeding b/c my milk just wasn't coming fast enough, then at home all he wanted was the bottle and wouldn't take my breast.
With hormones going crazy, mentally, I suffered greatly.

So New York...which is healthier, a mother with a stable state of mind to take care of the child, even if it's with a bottle? or, breastfeeding and possibly leaving the child with a woman that can't handle it and gets thrown into post pardom depression, topped by a healing body and exhaustion?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do I have those?

I got an email today with a coupon for 30% off breastfeeding products. One of the products brand name is Utterly Yours. "Utterly"....I never thought of my breast as "Utters" before. Cow titties...go figure. Do you know what an Utter really looks like, or what you have to do to get the milk out of it. What idiot came up with that name? Just for fun, I am going to moo the first time I breastfeed my daughter and see what my husband says!!!

Also, Just for fun, I am posting a cartoon I saw too about 'the way children see breast feeding'. It was funny.