Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's been a fun ride....

When I started blogging a year ago, I never thought how much I would enjoy it. I am sad to say goodbye to it for a bit.

My contractions are becoming more frequent and I am going through some horrible pelvic pain. I feel like even though we are still counting down the days, we might not make it to the planned due date. The doctor said to me on Tuesday "Well Elnora, I wouldn't be surprised if you have this baby by next week". I am not sure if that got my head telling my body, but something is definately going on.

So I have decided to say "See ya later" for a bit.
I'll check in after the birth, when we are home, safe and moving around a bit.

Thanks everyone! Wish us Luck!


Just Dave said...

The very best of luck to you and the new little one. May everything go smoothly.

RWA said...

Good luck!!!!!

e.Craig said...

Sounds like you are about full term, Ellie . Here's to an uncomplicated delivery.

angel said...

Hope it's quick and painless sweet. Good luck, will be thinking of you!

Look forward to having you back online soon xx

take good care

Hypersonic said...

Well you'd damned well better get basck and post those baby pictures as soon as possible woman! :o))

Good luck Ellie. Safe delivery

Nikky said...

I hope everything (and everyone) comes out ok, can't wait to see pics of the newest family member!

Congrats and good luck!

Ellie said...

Still here...big and pregnant...just waiting.

I haven't decided if I am going to post pics yet. I try to keep my children off the web.

But maybe I will have a 24 hr window where they are up and I will email everyone.

Jen said...

good luck

Nicole said...

Hey El!
Good luck and hope all is well.
Back from my fabulous vacation now.

Donald said...

Here we are on the 20th of August, and hoping you and your child are doing well, be she arrived or still within you!

Looking forward to being one of the ones to receive an email about the pics!

Good luck!!


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