Thursday, August 02, 2007

New York New York...what are you thinking?

First it was the Trans Fat ban. Then it was the Smoking Ban...or vice versa. Now it's the bottle ban.
Is this what Democrats think of when they are sitting behind closed doors..."whoa this is a great campaign move...and will better society as a whole...maybe the world will follow...." What is the bottle ban, you ask? Well it's not so much as a ban, but a campaign to stop women from bottle feeding, and to promote breast feeding. They say it's better for the children, it is, but it's a personal choice, or at least I thought so. They are starting the campaign by banning all free formula samples, especially in the hospitals after you give birth.
For those who don't know, in the hospitals, Enfimil and Similac give out diaper bags stuffed with free goodies to start you out.
I think that this could be seriously detrimental to women's mental health as well. When I tried breastfeeding for the first time, I tried for 3 weeks. When I failed, I was thrown into post pardom depression b/c I felt like failure. Not only could I not deliver him naturally, he ended up in NICU, they kept giving him bottles when I was breastfeeding b/c my milk just wasn't coming fast enough, then at home all he wanted was the bottle and wouldn't take my breast.
With hormones going crazy, mentally, I suffered greatly.

So New York...which is healthier, a mother with a stable state of mind to take care of the child, even if it's with a bottle? or, breastfeeding and possibly leaving the child with a woman that can't handle it and gets thrown into post pardom depression, topped by a healing body and exhaustion?


Hypersonic said...

I know I'm a man and perhaps have no right to say this, but I thought the idea of this campaign ( which is world-wide) was to promote breast-feeding as a first option. Here in Brazil there has been an ongoing campaign for the last 5 years to get women to go back to breast-feeding as it has been proved to be more beneficial to children ( also for those who over-lactate or have stopped breast-feeding to donate their milk for those who have problems breast feeding) healthwise. I'm all for anything natural, but of course it is an option, I just think it should be your first option, formula just doesn't have the enzymes a child needs.

Take a gander at my friend Tits McGee's latest post:

Woozie said...

Hey nobody's perfect. You guys nominated George Bush--TWICE...

paz y amor said...

Ouch Woozie, that's a low blow!!! Anyway, I have to disagree with a "ban" on hospital provided formula, it's a matter of choice and a new mother can easily say, "no thank you" just as easily as she can open a can of formula and mix it with h2o.

Ellie said...

Woozie....while I respect your opinions b/c they far surpass your age, Al Gore was the other option the first time around.

Was a no brainer for me.

Woozie said...

But the second time around? Terri Schaivo would have been a better choice.

Variant E said...

Doesn't NY have more urgent things to work through than this? Ellie...keep us abreast of the situation (sorry; couldn't resist the pun).

e.Craig said...

Government has no business attempting to control our private lives. It's one thing to educate people about choices and benefits, but quite another to pass laws that limit our God given freedoms.

And, your situation is a good example, Ellie, of how government interference could be detrimental.

Rhianna said...

Breast is better, but it is still a choice. No woman should be made to feel bad, or a failure, or a poor parent for choosing a bottle. That's like saying you should go back to cloth diapers because they're more enviromentally friendly (with the added bonus of keepin' those pesky women out of the workplace). Seriously, leave a new mother the hell alone. She's got enough to deal with without 'big brother' tellin' her how to feed her kid! And if formula was that horrible, it'd have killed off humans years ago - and I say this as a proud breastfeeding mother of 3!