Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Do I have those?

I got an email today with a coupon for 30% off breastfeeding products. One of the products brand name is Utterly Yours. "Utterly"....I never thought of my breast as "Utters" before. Cow titties...go figure. Do you know what an Utter really looks like, or what you have to do to get the milk out of it. What idiot came up with that name? Just for fun, I am going to moo the first time I breastfeed my daughter and see what my husband says!!!

Also, Just for fun, I am posting a cartoon I saw too about 'the way children see breast feeding'. It was funny.


Just Dave said...

Um...not to be a pendantic asshole, but the cow breast is spelled udder. The company sending you stuff is making a pun.

A cow's udder has four teats. You get the milk by pinching the top of the teat gently and puliing down in a striping motion. Nowdays, you get the milk by hooking Old Bessie up to a milking machine and letting it do the work.

Love the cartoon.

e.Craig said...

Milking machine? Nah. I just head over to the grocery store and buy mine in gallon jugs.   ;-) That gives me an idea for a post about my visit to a dairy farm years ago.