Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Deaths of Pre-term Infants

This story makes me sick:

In Ocean City Maryland, 4 (FOUR) pre-term infants were found on and in the property of an area home.
Christy Freeman was admitted to the hospital for bleeding and the doctors discovered that she had recently given birth but there was no baby. An investigation uncovered the bodies of 4 children. The 26 week old baby was found under her bathroom sink.

This woman has 4 other children. Living.

If you are not going to carry your children to term, why have them? Why get pregnant? Is there a thrill in giving birth and then watching them struggle to live and slowly pass away?
If the babies were born alive, which they can determine, then that was murder. Which doctors can prove one of them was alive, and she killed it, but the police aren't offering details.

I don't understand people like this. And because of the abortion debate, which should have nothing to do with the case, and because some head doctor will say something like she is crazy, she will probably serve a teeny bit of time and then be free as a bird. Free to have sex, free to get pregnant, and free to do it all over again.

I can hardly stomach shit like this!


Woozie said...

Well a mother kind of has to be crazy to kill her four children. I mean...damn. It's not the kind of thing sane mothers do.

RWA said...

If she's crazy, put her in the nuthouse. Then find a doctor who won't let her out until they're sure she is stable.

It is, of course, realistic to assume that someone who would do something this horrible will NEVER be "stable."

Ellie said...

RWA, as we can see in the case of the guy just let off for a language barrier when he raped a 7 year old... Justice is not served all the time,

Or that little girl buried alive,
Justice is not served all the time.

We could go down the list.

I feel for her living 4 children who have to face the rest of their lives knowing their mother is this sick.

Hypersonic said...

Ya know, I know I'm just a man an' all, but do we really know the full story before we haul off and judge this gorl. Let's face it the U.S. medical and social system is not the best in the world at not letting people fall through the cracks.

Just my opinion.

Hypersonic said...

whup...scuse me, I should have read the story in full're right, string the bitch and her boyfriend up!

angel said...

Those poor children. To know that you are genetically linked to somebody who has killed your siblings. That would be tough to take.

Sick sick sick.

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