Monday, July 02, 2007

Intelligent Conversation

So hubby and I were having the conversation about what it would be like if werewolves and vampires were real. If you had the choice to be one or the other, which would you choose.

Conversation weighed the pros and cons
Only during a full moon...not all the time like a vampire
Don't have to hide from the sun
Only have to kill when the moon is full
Then again when you kill, it could be quite messy
It might hurt a bit to turn into the werewolf form, and you never know where you might end up naked when the spell is over. The cost of clothing could run up a bit too.
Doggy style would really be the only style now wouldn't it.
You could possibly be able to lick your own crotch. Pro/Con you decide.

You have to kill every night to be nourished. You really only drink blood, no mixing it up with a veggie or baked potato
You could never be in the sun again.
You would be very pale.
Although Vamps are supposed to be seductive creatures
Never seen a vamp wriggle in pain turning into a bat
Do you really have to sleep in a coffin?
You would never die... but that could be a pro and a con. If you had friends that weren't vamps, then they would all die, but you wouldn't.
You would never grow old :)
You would never again be able to do your hair b/c you couldn't see your own reflection.

Hubby chose to be a werewolf. I chose to be a Vampire. I wonder what our children would have looked like.

Anyone else have pros and cons


e.Craig said...

I would choose werewolf only because of my morbid fear of having a stake driven through my heart.   ;-)

Woozie said...

Vampires FLY!

Just Dave said...

I'll go with the vampire. Let's look at the movie history. Vampires-Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella, Christopher Lee-all pretty sexy guys. Werewolves-Lon Chaney,Jr. Enoough said.

Nicole said...

Well...what about Michael J. Fox...Teenwolf??!!?? lol

Vamps all the way...werewolves....way too much hair, plus too much sun is bad for you anyway

Ellie said...

I think I am taken with the movie's perception as well Just Dave. Vamps are so sexy and seductive...would they be that in reality ..who knows. AND...THEY CAN FLY!!

Just Dave said...

Not to mention Anne Rice's chronicles-very moody and sensuous. Can't find anything like that written about werewolves.

Nicole said...

Ellie, I linked this post to one at mine.
As I thought about it, if I could choose, I'd go for being a witch...a true witch!! lol

I mean if the pointy hat fits and all....

Ellie said...

I have the Ann Rice Vampire collection, even the Vampire Chronicle...I was such a dork in highschool.

There was one movie awhile back about werewolves..The Howling...freaky.

Nicole said...

There are tons of movies about werewolves.

Last summer I watched one with Christina Ricci...can't think of the name

American Werewolf in London..old and remake
the howling movies

Underworld 1 and 2
( the war between werewolves and vampires)

then there is Wolverine from Xmen...maybe not a true werewolf...but the sexiest wannabe ever!!! ( Hugh Jackman)

Nicole said...

Just remembered the werewolf from 2 Harry Potters ago.

Very cool!!!

Scotsman said...

So this is what American couples talk about when there is no monday night football. I would never have known. :)

Scotsman said...

I think I might have to be a vampire, I'm Scottish so I have the pale skin and I think I'm allergic to silver bullets, well any bullet really. Besides the whole howling at the moon thing after doggie sex isn't really me.

RWA said...

I don't have any "pros or cons," but it seems you two do have some interesting discussions.

angel said...

Vampire for sure.

I wonder if they could actually 'store some blood' in a vampire blood bank so they don't have to actually kill each night!

Werewolfs are very hairy.