Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad tipping vs good tipping

I took my son to breakfast today. My boss has taken off out of town every month for like the last 5 months and I have been alone in the office. So I figured...why not sleep in today with my kiddo, snuggle a bit and then take him out for some choco chip pancakes. So that is what we did.
I couldn't help notice that our waitress was being run by a group of 4 men. 3 old buggers and one younger guy. When she left the check, I noticed that the oldest guy threw down a dollar for a tip and walked out.

I don't care how old you are... you know the way... I think it's more of an insult to leave a dollar than nothing at all.

I am curious on the tipping standard out there. Most people know it's an unspoken rule to tip 15%. Which here is simple to calculate b/c Maryland's tax is 5%. So it's tax times 3. If you are a great waitress you get 20%. If it's Michael and I on a romantic night with out our son in an expensive restaraunt, we will let you know..we don't get out often, treat us great and we will treat you to atleast 25%. Those nights are special to us, so we are willing to pay alittle more for them.

How do you tip?
And I am also curious if the age generations get different service. Michael and I often get shafted b/c we look young and stroll up in there with a kid. So that to wait staff means more of a mess. And often, how it happens I'll never know, they serve our food before my sons. I won't eat it. I would never eat my food in front of my starving two year old and he has nothing. If it goes cold, I will say something. I don't think that is too harsh.
When it's me and Tyler alone, we always get treated kindly.


Hypersonic said...

Here in Brazil it's 10% on the bill and whatever you want off.

Ellie said...

Your waiters must get paid a higher salary then. Ours I think get $2.38 an hour plus tips. Or that is what it was when I waited tables.

Rhianna said...

10-15% depending on service. I have been known to leave a 40% tip, but only if you really bust your arse, and it's a big group.

Just Dave said...

I travel a lot on business and routinely tip 20% if the service is good. If I have a fairly inexpensive meal, like breakfast at Dennys or something, I usually tip $2-3 as it's really not fair to tip the server less just because the meal is less.

I think that a lot of people blame slow service on the server when it is the kitchen that is to blame. Don't penalize the server, especially if they keep coming back to explain the situation if there is a problem in the kitchen. However, if I can tie poor service directly to the server (no drink refill, takes forever to give me the check while they fab with co-workers), I tip one thin dime. If I left nothing, they would think I forgot. The dime sends a message.

Rhianna said...

Just Dave, I agree on the Dennis suggestion. If my bill is less than $5, they get a $5 in tip just for having to wait on such a small bill. Between $5 & $10 for 1 person and they'll usually get roughly $3.

The worst thing I've ever done is to tip a server a penny. Worse yet, I stuck it under an upended, full glass of water - so the glass looked empty. I did that one time, at 1 steak resturant after being cussed out by the waitress for wanting to order an extra plate for a child to share some of mommy and daddy's food. We've NEVER had that issue elsewhere.

Just Dave said...

It's funny but I almost always get the best service at breakfast, usually at a Denny's or IHOP. Maybe they realize that people are not at their best in the morning and try and get your day off to a decent start.

Love the glass of water deal. The worst one I ever did was leave a $1 tip on a $850 tab (big business dinner). We were at a Hollywood restaurant and an actor was at a table near us and got all the service. I figured, hey, let Mr. Big Shot tip them. The actor was Gene Barry, who used to be Bat Masterson on TV.

e.Craig said...

Standard "good service" tip for me is 20%, but never less than $2.

Dee said...

I was a server and I would never bring a parents food before the child. I guess being a mom helps me to understand. I had a manager get me a new server once when I was dining with my kids and she was rude before we even finished sitting down just because we had kids. She felt her restaurant was too upscale for children. I made sure and tipped the new server very well and let the other server know what she missed out on.