Monday, July 23, 2007

My husband's drive through order

"Welcome to Chick-fil- A can I help you?

"A large lemonade and uh.... Miller lite"

"Can you repeat that sir?"

"A large lemonade and uh....Miller lite"

"A large lemonade and what was the 2nd item?"

"Uh Miller Lite"

(breif pause + laughter) "That will be a dollar fort eight, please drive around to the window"

Husband pulls up and teenager pops out the window. Then he says pointing to himself "Hey, the lemonade was for me...(then pointing at me) .. the beer was for her!"

I think we have all done the drive through order fun before. I once ordered 12, 12 peice's with a side of watermelon, greens and gizzards to go with it. When they told me they didn't sell watermelon, greens or gizzards... I flipped out and asked them what they did with the gizzards.. cuz dem were some perfectly good gizzard they'd be throwing in da trash..ya'll" After much frustration (not mine, but the cashier) I sped off laughing all the way!

Anyone else do anything like that?


RWA said...

Hmmm...I can honestly say that I have never done anything like that before in my life.

Nikky said...

I used to work at a fast food place... I know those people's tempers... they're ready to snap, to go postal, so I would never want to be the one jackass customer who finally pushed them over the edge.
Not that your little scenario makes you a jackass, personally, I'd have laughed at that, but some things that customers say/do are just bazooka worthy!

Ellie said...

RWA...NEVER? That, honestly, shocks me.

Nikky...this weekend was all in fun. I am sure the chichen one though pissed them off. But hey I was like 19 at the time.

Woozie said...

Dids I hurr WAHTUHMELLONZ?!?!?!?!?

Ellie said...

aw Woozie ...that's deep south. I was talkin'!!!

Now...sorry but I have to go git my her did...


paz y amor said...

One time on the road (with the band I was playing with) we pulled up in the van to a drive-thru window and as the driver (Alan) was grabbing the food from the window guy, another band mate (Jesse) starts yelling from the back, "Is he cute Alan? Ask him if he wants to ride around in the van with us! How big are his balls? Can you see 'em?" Funny shit.

Just Dave said...

Yeah, we used to try to order Little Macs. The workers would say, "You mean, like a regular cheeseburger?" and we would say, "No, like a Big Mac, only small. I'm not very hungry". We wouldn't do it for long though, because usually, the guy/gal was seriously trying to help us. Also, you got to realize that they can do some unspeakable things to your food if you really piss them off.

RWA said...

Let's ease up on the stereotypical redneck, deep South "talk," OK?


Ellie said...

Did we hit some sensitivity buttons?

Please understand, my mother is deep south...can't help it sometimes.

I think though.."her did" = "get your hair done" from around here. So I thought.

angel said...

I cant get over the fact you can order beer drive-thru! Genius!

Ellie, my sister had her baby last week - such a cute little bundle of joy! Not long to go for you either..

Do you have names decided yet?

Ellie said...

Angel... You can't order beer through drive through...that was the fun in it.

Emma Josephine is going to be her name, but I also like Emmalea Josephine, I have kept Emma b/c her brother knows her as Emma now. I don't want to confuse him.

Thanks for stopping by's always nice to hear from you!

Nikky said...

I think Emma is a beautiful name (My daughter is Emmalee, so I especially LOVE that!)
Did the name come from an ancestor, or just a name you like? (My Em's GG Grandmother was Emma)

Just curious (and wow, you're getting close!)

angel said...

Well, didn't I sound blonde with the drive through remark! hehee

Emma is a lovely name, interestingly, my name for a girl, is ELLA! ..very similar!

Always like to visit here! x

Ellie said...

Ella, ellie, Emma, Emmalee, Emmalea... Wow... what a coinkydink

Just Dave said...

Emma, to me, is a lovely name. It has the feel of comfort to it.

Jessie said...

*sheesh* I miss doing this sort of nonsense with you


Those were the good ol' days

Jessie said...

And, Emma is a lovely name! Oddly enough, I just finished re-reading Jane Austin's novel by that name two weeks ago. Hopefully, your Emma will be a better matchmaker, but just as worthy of being immortalized in literature. :)

Ellie said...

The good ol' days weren't so long I wonder, how come I've gotten so old.