Saturday, July 28, 2007

counting sheep just doesn't work

What do YOU do when you can't sleep?
It's about 11:15 pm here, and I can't catch a wink, let alone lie in my bed without stupid shit running through my head.
There is a thunderstorm that has lasted an hour taking place and has knocked out all my cable, so I can't even watch TV. It figures too...everynight I go to bed around 8:30 -9 ish, and the one night I want to stay up, there is nothing to do. My hubby went to bed about an hour ago.
Even if I tried to sleep, I would end up having dreams that annoy me... you know, the ones that repeat themselves through out the night.

If I could come up with a sure fire method to go to sleep right now, I would. Remember I am pregnant, so sleep isn't easy at the moment, and I can't down a bottle of Nyquil.



e.Craig said...

Counting daughters, I've gone through 20 pregnancies. So, believe me when I tell you I know as much as any guy can know what it's like to go through that process, Ellie. And I'm witnessing it again with my granddaughter, Heather, whose due date is sometime in September. If it's real early in the month, he'll be a "Leo" like his great granddad and his Uncle Luke who is 8 years old today.

But, regarding sleep. Have you tried reading? I have a nice reading lamp attached to my bed, and there's been many a night I've fallen asleep reading, or gotten so sleepy that I've put down the book, turned off the light and quickly fallen asleep. Of course, I wasn't pregnant.   ;-)

Most nights, since I usually crash sometime after midnight, I listen to Coast To Coast AM. That generally gets me to sleep quickly, too.

I hope you can't read this until tomorrow because you are currently sound asleep.

Jessie said...

I've actually overcome insomnia lately by listening to audio books. It's like reading myself, in that it's intelligent enough to engage my mind and distract it from whatever is keeping it from shutting off. But, it has the added boon that I can shut my eyes and be soothed by the voice, too. So, if I'm tired at all when I turn on the book, I'm out like a light. No easy feat for this lifelong night-bloomer, (as you may remember).

Try for all sorts of classics, free. (In fact, and this won't surprise you a bit, I've fallen so in love with the notion of being able to freely download public domain lit as audio files that I've started volunteering as a reader for the site--so, some of the insomnia I've gotten rid of I've reinstated, in that I'm currently up late recording & editing chapters of War & Peace) :)

RWA said...

I put my iPod earphones on and start listening to the "()" CD by Sigur Ros.

Works every time.