Friday, July 06, 2007

Life = series of events = definition of being

I was watching my husband the other day carry our son on his shoulders. Before he lifted my son into the air, he said, "Do you want daddy to carry you on his shoulders?" My son eagerly lifted his arms and Michael reached out "Come to Daddy". My husband couldn't have been more sexier than he was in that moment. It's a moment that is the simplest, but one I will remember forever, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant it may have been.

I started thinking, if my life were to flash before my eyes, what series of events would I see.
-The day my father surprised me with my first bike at the firehouse and taught me how to ride.
-The day my sister told me I could fly and I ended up squished between two bunk beds.
-The day I got such a large splinter in my butt cheek I had to go to the hospital and have it removed, my crush was there with a broken arm.
- The day I met my best friend Jessica
- My first car accident, second, third & fourth.
-Appearing before a judge b/c of my forth car accident
-The day I ran from home after a huge blow out with my parents
- The night I made love, to my first love
- The night my first love broke my heart
- The night I first kissed my husband
- The day my grandmother died
-The day I sought help for depression
-The first time I felt God
- The one moment I was left alone on my wedding day, and then 5 minutes later seeing my husband at the end of the isle
-The moment I saw my first born
- The day my mother flung herself at me, the moment I knew she would be the one person in this world who truly loved me
- The moment my brother told me he was gay
-The moment we invaded Iraq and I felt helpless for my brother's life in Baghdad
- The moment I saw my little girl on the sonogram
-The moment I found my husband sexy, just because he was an awesome daddy.

There are a million more. But I thought I would share a few.
Anyone else care to share?


Just Dave said...

There are so many:
* The sun shining through my mother's jet black hair as she swung around and around in the front yard.

* The night my mother died while I was rubbing her back.

* My parents and paternal grandparents gathered in the kitchen at Christmas-this picture always has sepia tones.

There are so many. I will try to think of more and post them.

PS - These are the best years of your life, when your children are young and trust you with their lives. Enjoy.

RWA said...

That is an impressive list, Ellie. Thanks for sharing.

paz y amor said...

Too many to name, but...

-seeing my baby girl born

-first day in the dorm at college

-the moment my little sister told me she was pregnant

-watching the Avalanche win the Stanley Cup in '96....from ECUADOR!

-Landing in Morocco

-getting my degree placed in my hands

etc etc etc

Hypersonic said...

Nice one ellie. Simple but beautiful. And one of the reason I love you even though we have different political views :o)) ( just don't tell your hubs that yev got guys declarin' demselves to ya).


Ellie said...

I love you too!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

A nice list.