Monday, July 16, 2007

Two stories in the news

Don't know if you know the story about the 4 girls that just graduated that day, swerved onto on coming traffic and all four were killed when they hit a truck head on. But turns out, the driver had a cell that was in use at the time of the accident ... text messaging.
The article is here.

Text messaging....while driving...major no no. This probably could have all been avoided. It's really heart-breaking.

Parents claim internet addiction for the neglect of their children. Here is an idea. When you have an 22 month old and 11 month old, and plenty of food in the home, and no real good reason for the fact that they were near death b/c you never fed or gave them water.... BLAME THE INTERNET. The story is here.


Just Dave said...

Story one makes my heart hurt. I am so tired of reading about children being killed in car wrecks. They think they are invincible. Such a waste.

Story number 2 just pisses me off. These people are scum. And the AMA is an enabler by refusing to recognize internet addiction. What, you can be addicted to porn and not video games? Head in the sand as usual as they try to find ways to charge us more for less.

Ellie said...

First story is sad .. very sad. I think that talking on cells while driving should be illegal. Hands free only. There was a law in another state that was trying to be passed that said younger drivers were not allowed to use cell phones while driving b/c of their inexperience behind the wheel. I think it was a very good law.

Just Dave said...

Colorado has that law. Also, you cannot have other people under 21 in the car for the first 6 months you are licensed. These changes came about after an accident in the small town I live in that killed 4 teenagers and another man. The teen driver was going over 70 mph on a hilly two land road in the rain and lost control. The at-fault teen driver was the only one to survive.