Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is a little Nip/Tuck wrong?

I was on the phone with a long time friend of mine the other day. We had gotten on the track of what our children might become, and I had indicated that my son might be a doctor. The friend then replied "As long as he wasn't a plastic surgeon, I would have to have a long stern talk with him"
My question to her was, What if he was a plastic surgeon to burn victims or clef lip or what ever. She said that would be okay as long as he didn't do boob jobs.
I don't think that all plastic surgeons do is boob jobs and tummy tucks. And if they did, so what. It's a profession, people want it, some need it. I would be proud of my son no matter what.

I wonder how many feel that a little Nip/Tuck is a bad thing, even though it's a personal choice. I used to think that I would never have plastic surgery b/c God made me the way he made me for a reason. That was until I had children. My stomach has been through a brutal battle. I fear that after Emma is born, I will have the stomach of an 80 year old. If I hadn't seen those shows where they show you how they do it...I might consider it. I might even still consider it. It depends on how bad it looks after I get fit again.
I see nothing wrong with it, but apparently my friend would probably look at me in disgust.


Dick Small said...

Well Ellie, whatever you decide I'm with ya. All the way.

Woozie said...

Your friend had a bad boob job done, that's why they hate plastic surgeons ;)

Anonymous said...

Why do I think you were talking to my sister????

Anyway, I think repair of body (and, in many cases, of the patient's sense of self-concept) is not only acceptable but a blessing in many cases. When you start profiting from a person's obvious psychological issues and carve them into some unrecognizable form that is overly-sexualized and/or overly-objectifed THEN I take issue with it. Basically, when you start to carve up a nose as many times as Michael Jackson, or make breast implants large enough that they look like NASA has a launch pad somewhere for them, the surgeons ought to be brought before ethics committees unless they can prove these were COMPLETELY sane and fully informed choices made by people who knew that they'd look like freaks as end products, and wanted this, as some sort of artistic choice--sort of like those wierd ear piercings that stretch the ears out large enough that Michael Jordan can get 3-pointers through them. :) --end pseudo-rant

How are ya, darlin?


Ellie said...

geesh...leave it to me to not include any names, and happen to repeat a coversation with a friend, which I never do, and her sister pops up out of the blue!!!

Hey chick-a-dee!

Hope your well.

Wozzie; I think she has nice boobs...but they are o'natural!

e.Craig said...

Plastic surgeons do a lot of good reconstruction and repair all kinds of damage to restore looks and functionality. Even elective surgeries can be quite beneficial for various reasons.

I've just never quite got it why women would opt for a pair of "gonzos", but it IS their choice. Yet, in certain circumstances, the desire or need for augmentation or reduction is understandable.

So, your son is talking about becoming a doctor? Or maybe you are seeing behavior that makes you realize he would be a good doctor.

I wanted to be a garbage collector when I was 5, because I thought nothing could be more fun than riding on the back of a big garbage truck. Eventually it occurred to me that there was also a lot of work involved.