Friday, July 06, 2007

Baby Watch!

Sorry I haven't posted. My son has been sick for a week with a nasty ear infection and Monday night we had contractions 5 minutes apart for a hour and 45 minutes. I was a bit scared. Tuesday we had two doctor appointments, one high risk and one regular OBG. Well our little girl has desended into birthing position. The doctor warned me to stay hydrated, stay away from caffine and take it easy. He said it is way too early for her to arrive.
That said we scheduled the c-section for August 16th at 10:10 am. IF I don't go into labor before then. I am terrified that I will be alone with my son and my water will break. But I know that we have someone looking out for us 'up' there.

Now I think the clock is going to tick by ever so slowly.


Just Dave said...

If this doesn't get the hubby out of jury duty, I don't know what will. Surely Anne Arundel County doesn't need jurors that badly.

Ellie said...

It's State Jury Duty...He already served county in February...that is what so sucks about it all.

RWA said...

Hang in there. Everything will be fine!

Nicole said...

So are you off and on bedrest, or given the all clear to go back to work?

Just take it easy...August 16th will be here before you know it. Even if you hold out until the first of August, that wouldn't be so bad.

How's Ty now?

Ellie said...

No bedrest. He said that Braxton Hicks are stronger the 2nd time around and that is what could have been happening. Tyler is doing alright, not eating as much and he is a bit more low key than usual, but no fever. Which is good. I hate it when my boo has a fever.

e.Craig said...

I'd bet a dollar to a donut your hubby won't do any more jury duty .. at least not this year.   ;-)

And, yes it's a great feeling when the sick wee ones start feeling better.

Emma Josephine will be here before we know it. I can say that cos I'm not the one who's pregnant.   ;-)