Friday, June 29, 2007

Does Size Matter?

I was having such the teenage conversation with my friend last night. It all started by me asking if she remembered the boogie man. (post below) She exclaimed, "I can't remember the last time I talked about shit like this" was a who did who, who has a little, who had a big, who was really weird, I can't believe I did..., type of conversation. Just reminiscing about our college days before we were married.
Among the topics....who had a biggie and who was a shortie.
Does it size really matter?
If your a guy, you would like to think you are packing nicely. Face it, girls wonder what they are going to have to work with. Experience (not too much), tells me it is more about communication and knowing what your doing...but let's face it, size is a plus.
Did I actually just write about that?


Scotsman said...

You aren't still talking about boogies are you? You're obsessed woman!

Ellie said...

not unless your habit is to pick em and wipe em down there...which is just absolutley sicker than I could ever imagine!!! lol!

Variant E said...

Ok, you want the honest big guys perspective? No guy would ever admit to being large only to be corrected by the opposite sex. That would be a major embarrassment on the old male ego. But being large has drawbacks too. You get all the comparison jokes about farm animals; seriously. You have girlfriends friends trying to check you out all the time; like you're on tour or something. You lose weekend sex opportunities because your partner is still too sore from the night before. And if guys reading this cannot relate; then they are probably just average size.

Ellie said...

varient...geesh..someone's got experience!lol!

but would being sore seriously stop your woman ..if it were that amazing and all?

Variant E said... you said, the bonus of it all seems to more than make up for the negatives.

Eeks. That's enough of my personal life now. Usual I stick to useless drivel stuff. Oh, and it's also safari time in Africa. Flight leaves in 7 hours...

e.Craig said...

Your post brings back memories of my "Peter Meter" experience. I think I was in my early 20s, and I don't recall many details of the event, except a friend had this humorous device called a "Peter Meter."

My, er ... "thing" measured out to a reading of "Ladies Home Companion." I was pleased by that, but somewhat intimidated by the amount of meter space left over from where my "unit" ended.

I recall a girlfriend I had back in the '70s remarking that she loved big d***s as she placed mine where she wanted it. I remember thinking to myself, "if you think mine is big, you've really been cheated, girl." Naturally, I made no audible comment.

But, the best complement was from a girlfriend in the '80s who happened to be a woman of color. I must have been a "first" for her because her remark to me was, "I guess what they say about you white boys just ain't true." Made my day.

Now, this may be more than anyone wants to hear, but you started it, Ellie.   ;-)

Woozie said...

I am penning a petition to avoid this turning into a forum for disclosing each individual's penis size. Any signers?

RWA said...

Gee, ellie, I always thought you would be on the side that said it's not size but technique.

I was wrong.


Ellie said...

Woozie, no one is asking for measurements, especially from the underaged. I think Ecraig was just trying to be informative on the subject. Speaking of measuring though since he brought it up...
I think that is the funnest thing to do ever, but I will tell you, if your girlfriend asks to measure it, you know your not packing lightly. Your girlfriend isn't going to ask to measure, if she knows its not up to par.

As far as the black vs white thing...I think that there is partial truth to the myth. I went to this club in DC once, unbeknownst to me, it was chocolate Rama night. All the strippers were black. When they came out, my jaw dropped to the floor. I had to turn my head I was blushing so brightly.

RWA, I say it's both. If your packing a 2 incher, technique really doesn't matter. Been there done that. (unfortunately)

VarientE; I am so jealous of you right now. That is my #1 place to visit! Don't go scaring any elephants now! (wink wink)

angel said...

A woman isn't going to care so much if it's not a HUGE penis, as long as you have an idea or at least are interested in getting an idea of what one can do with said penis. If it's really really small, then creative technique can be helpful.