Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Back in jail; This is me jumping on the bandwagon sorry

I think it is easy for anyone of us to say " you do the crime, you do the time". I think it is easy for any one of us to be jealous of Paris Hilton, then again easy for us not to even care. I didn't feel totally sorry for Paris when she first went to jail. And I thought to myself "typical' when she was released. But was releasing her 'her fault'?
What it really right to put her in, pull her out, drag her to court and put her in, again? I think that this judge has a major thing for making a HUGE example out of Paris Hilton. I thought it before, but really didn't care one way or another, but NOW I really think it. I think in some way she was re-punished, for a decision to release her that was made by an official of the state. So was it really right for her to be thrown back in jail as if she was some massive criminal that was a major threat to society. Doesn't the court have more pressing issues to spend our tax dollars on, than attacking someone like Paris Hilton, who probably wouldn't hurt a fly. Just today a woman that was convicted of killing her husband was sentenced to 3 years in prison and the rest of her sentence on probation. 3 YEARS for murder!!!!

Reports are surfacing that the medical condition Paris was suffering from was Claustrophobia. That can be brutal. Not to mention, she had to go through another cavity search. The entire thing is ridiculous to me.


e.Craig said...

Claustrophobia is a serious condition, no question. And, medical intervention is right. But, in the real world the average inmate with claustrophobia would not be getting a ticket home. And, that's where the injustice lies, my dear.

The judge was rightfully angry because a sheriff had released her to house detention without a court order, and after he had specifically stated that Paris would do her time in jail .. no favors.

It would be nice if she could go through these trying times privately. And, that will happen the first cold day in hell.

Ellie said...

I'm not saying that it was right to release her. I am not saying it wasn't right to prosecute her. BUT, I am saying that once they released her, was that really her fault? Should she have been carted back like she had committed a felony? If anyone should be held accountable in the situation that is occuring now, it should be the sheriff that released her. I know it's not double jeapardy, but It just seems kinda wrong to let her out, then put her in b/c someone else make a mistake.

Ellie said...

and I do agree....I wish that she could go through this stuff privately. I couldn't imagine being in that cop car with paps chasing me down the street just to get the pick of me breaking down.

paz y amor said...

Privacy and celebrity aren't EVER in the same sentence. For someone who relishes the limelight so much, it's odd to me that the idea of her having "private punishment" should even come up! I've no sympathy for her or anyone else who breaks the law, so the circus needs to end and needs to serve her time, just like everyone else.

Woozie said...

What he said.

RWA said...

This woman got a DUI. She pleaded that down to reckless driving (there's my first problem with it).

As part of her plea agreement, she was caught driving in January (I don't remember the moving violation that caused her to be pulled over). At that point, she SIGNED a form with the police officer/sheriff's deputy saying she was aware her license was suspended.

Then she is pulled over for speeding at night - with no headlights on.

It is a wonder this woman hasn't been killed or, even worse, killed someone.

Then she shows up late for court.

Then when she's sentenced, she says, PUBLICLY, that she gets pulled over just because law enforcement officers want to look at her or make a pass at her.

Then she starts having mysterious psychological ailments.

It's called "scared to death of being in jail." That is what is suppposed to happen when you go to jail. It's supposed to encourage you NOT to make a repeat trip.

Variant E said...

Claustraphobia? Does that mean she panicks in a home that isn't at least 8000 sq feet? Let's imagine her actually killing somebody from her little DUI? Then she'd sober up to the real world, huh? Well, this is like doing it without the death. Plus, she gets made an example of for good or bad; it comes with the territory for her I am afraid.

No, doesn't bother me a bit that she does her 10 days or whatever she'll have to do.

Ellie said...

Maybe seeing her cry just made her human to me. I don't know...maybe I am just a sucker.

RWA said...

I heard today that she said she got sick because she wasn't eating. She wasn't eating because she was afraid some prison worker would take a picture of her on the toilet with their cell phone camera and post it on the internet.

She's all happy now. Better food, medicine, phone whenever she wants it.

And she claims that she has found God and wants to stop ACTING dumb and make something meaningful of her life.

Pardon me. I'm going to be sick.

Hypersonic said...

Maybe if more of these people were put away then there wouldn't be so much flouting of the law by thhem as happens.

Rhianna said...

Okay, I'm all out sympathy for spoilt brats in Hollywierd. Britney Spears is a piss-poor 'mother'. Like Pamela Anderson (Lee? Rock? Whatever name she goes by now) with her "I didn't know the boys would find out". PLEASE!!

Ms. Hilton was busted THREE TIMES as a 26 year-old ADULT driving drunk or on a suspended license. She refused to go to court apperances, she refused to go to the rehab the court ordered and she was caught day-after-day-after-day driving ON A SUSPENDED license. She's accused to cops of pulling her over to tell her 'you're hot', and then argued with an officer when told she was NOT allowed to drive because her publicist said she was. Um, one's a paid liar and the other's job is to protect the citizens - I'd trust the cop first.

She's supposedly worth "millions" - bwah, the Hilton $$ is tied into real-estate they're cash poor. She's got a team of high-priced lawyers daddy's footin' the bill for and not ONE of them told her not to drive? Not ONE of them hired a driver? Daddy and Mommy have made statements they're proud their daughter is a WHORE (she SOLD that tape, never doubt it).

She's made a point of calling the judge names, calling the cops names, showing up late (IF AT ALL). NO, her skanky little STD ass deserves to be in jail - for as long as possible. No one is above the law, NO ONE - no matter what little miss WHOREton's mommy and daddy might tell her.

As for the 'med' reason - it's supposed to be an anal lessions from Herpes brought about by stress. Oh, let's all feel sorry for the skank! No one else in jail has an STD, or stress do they? Oh, wait, they're black, hispanic, indian or poor whites so they don't really count do they?? In Paris' world she can do no wrong - she's having problems because now she's in the REAL world and she's not coddled and protected and told "it's okay sweetie, that big ol mean judge and that nasty cop are mad men".

Cry me a freakin' river!