Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Boogie Man!

Today on the radio they were talking about coming across things at your date's house that make you go eeeew and run! Kane from Hot 99.5 came across a pair of granny panties with skid marks in his dates bathroom. Another man had come across Valtrax (herpes meds) in a bathroom. So I had to call in and share my morning horror story.
I was dating this guy 'Andy'. He wasn't my favorite boyfriend, but my friend Ang said he was a good guy and I should give him a chance. So I gave him a chance. We use to like to go to this bar "Lasicks" in College Park. One night we got shit faced drunk. I couldn't drive home. I didn't want to stay at Andy's, but really had no other choice. So back to his place we went. We had a bit of a make out session and went to bed. Nothing else happened just a bit of kissy kissy and I passed out. When I woke up, the light was shining through the curtains and my head was pounding. As I slowly regained my bearings and my sight became in focus, my eyes befell an unspeakable horror. "I must be dreaming", I thought. No, this nightmare was real. I was face to face with a booger wall. Hundreds of boogers that you couldn't even get off with a paint scraper if you tried, had been stuck all over his wall. As if that was his morning ritual for the last 2 years, to pick his nose and wipe his boogers on the wall next to his bed.
Trying to compose myself and not throw up, I quickly headed for the exit!
Needless to say, Andy had his chance, and unfortunately, dating the Boogie Man, was not on my list of things to do before I died!


Scotsman said...


How was breakfast that morning?

RWA said...

Ugh. That is nasty. They should have given you some sort of prize for that story.

e.Craig said...

What a "gross out." I don't recall any dates where it came time to cut and run. But, boogers on the wall would have done it for me, too.

paz y amor said...

Talk about bad habits! That might be worse than smoking!

Ellie said...

Ug, that's a no to breakfast, it was more than a gross out, and it is way way worse than smoking!

icky icky poo poo

e.Craig said...

btw - Ellie, my Mush & Joe Virtual Cafe blog is up and running. I would like for you to be one of several co-authors of this blog. But, I would need your email address to invite you. Please EMAIL me if you want to participate.

This invitation goes out to all my blogger friends, but I don't have email addresses for some of you. So, if you want to be a co-author on that blog, please send me an email, and I I'll reply with an invite.   :-)

Ellie said...

Thanks for the invite ecraig.
Is it a recipe blog?

I might part-take when I get back from Maternity leave.

I do have a secret's my bitchy blog. I might share one of these days.

e.Craig said...

It can include recipes, in fact J has already posted one. But, it includes any conversation that you might want to start or participate in, just as if you were really sitting there with your friends and acquaintances. Hence, the co-authoring concept.

It's up to you. You could go ahead and request an invite, and be designated an author. There's no obligation to post. The names of current co-authors are posted on the side bar under "Regulars."

By the way, when is *Amy due?

*that's what I'm calling her until you come up with a name   ;-)

Ellie said...

Emma Josephine is due in August. We will find out Tuesday the definate date, as we have to have a planned csection due to our highrisk.