Wednesday, June 06, 2007

anywhere huh?

So I dropped Ty off from daycare and commented to another mother I loved her daughter's bracelets. She said she brings them back from India. She said she was planning a trip for next year.

My daycare provider goes to Africa once a year. I think that Africa would be my number 1 pick if I could go anywhere in the world. It is a far different culture than Americans think it is. I think it is beautiful.
Then the other mother mentioned India...and I don't know where I would want to go more.

If you had the choice to go anywhere...where would you go?


Nicole said...

If I could go anywhere, hands down it would be Paris, France.

My friend's hubby went to India in January for 22 days. he went with his yoga group and to get certified to teach yoga. He said India was surreal...eye tearingly beautiful yet tragic all in one. Plus he said the noise was out of this world. He only managed to sleep about 3 hours a night...he came home and slept for a was sick as a dog when he got home and had some kind of bacterial infection.
The items he brought home were beautiful...scarves, pillow shams...bracelets..just unigue lifelong treasures.

Ellie said...

That's how my daycare lady described Africa Nic.

I would think that India would be amazingly beautiful.

I am not all hippity on the Paris thing. From what I hear, the French do not like Americans over there. I would like to visit it, but I think that I would make that a last stop.

Alaska (cruise)

Nicole said...

I guess I don't have that worry as I am a Canadian.

For moi, first stop Paris, France
Italy romantic...the Gondolas
New York City
Haiwii ( I know I spelled THAT pathetic!! lol)

Ellie said...

ooh I would have to put Italy on my list.

I would go to Hawaii before New York. But I have been to New York...and hubby's family is from New York, so it's kinda shoved down my throat.

Good point about being Canadian. Think I would pass? A Canadian with a southern draw.

Nicole said...

Come with me!! lol

Between the bit of french I could muster and charm..we'd have some good times!! :)

Plus I'd shove a little Canadian flag in your purse to stick out and just tell them you were from Alberta...hence the'd all be good!!!


**** Alberta is Canada's version of Texas. Probably our most USish provinces of all of Canada.

Variant E said...

Let's see, this summer I'm going to Africa on a safari in Tanzania and Kenya and then some beach time in Zanzibar; to Aruba and Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, and to Angel Falls in the jungles of Venezuala. Having seen some of Africa, much of Europe, most of Asia, nearly all of South America, some of Central America my vote would be for Australia/New Zealand simply because I haven't been there. Like many, I have a long list of places to see and experience; and I do tick off much of my list often. I thought Machu Picchu in Peru was incredible. I'd recommend Italy anywhere. Switzerland was surreal if you can afford it. On an's a big planet!

Nikky said...

Spain was great, except the company ( I went with my brother and mother, not too romantic) but Budapest was the best, as far as Europe goes, because I was there with the hubby.
Choice to go anywhere tho, I'd go back to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Hubby and I did a week there when he got back from his first deployment and it was magical. I want to retire there.
I really think that the company I keep has a big affect on how great a location is.

Nicole said...

Nikky..I totally agree..I think who you are with can make or break the experience you have.

Ellie said...

VE do you travel for travel or for business. I envy you if you have done all that in travel.

Ellie said...

totally with you Nikky. I couldn't go to any of those places without my hubby

Variant E said...

I travel for both. For example, I had to visit Brasil, Argentina, and Chile for work; 2 days in each place in Dec. So I tagged on a weekend in Uraguay at a very nice beach locale. I tagged on to the end of my work trip a few days in Peru to see Machu Picchu, a few days in Ecuador to go snorkeling and a few days in Costa Rica to go whitewater rafting. Then I came home. All of the extended travel cost less than the business class return ticket I changed to multiple economy flights and so my trip didn't cost me anything but food. On the other hand, my trips this summer are pure travel and I'm not going on the cheap. But I happened to have 11 weeks of vacation to use so I am! Sometimes I bring the kids; sometimes I just spend the extra few days since it doesn't cost anything. But I've done the two month Eurorail pass and backpack thing in my 20s, the ultra extravegant indulgance of beach trips to Hawaii or Mexico or Brasil in my 30s and how I'm exploring areas, cultures and sites in my 40s. Its a lifelong agenda that also happens to shape who I am in the process.

e.Craig said...

I would love to spend some time traveling in Central and South America. I'd also love to explore our neighbor to the north, Canada. I have been to Halifax twice (late '50s - early '60s).

Then there's the British Isles, France, Spain, Greece.

But, maybe more realistically, I could drive down through the mountain towns of Virginia and Kentucky once again. Take a week when temp forecasts are in the 60s-70s. Yep, that's more like it. :-)

Woozie said...

To sleep.

Just Dave said...

Nepal. Plain, primitive with scenery that will make you weep with joy. I'll make it there one day, too.

Just Dave said...
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Nicole said...

e.Craig said...
I would love to spend some time traveling in Central and South America

This would happen to have nothin to do with NORMA, now would it???
If so, HOW ROMANTIC!!!!!! :)

e.Craig said...

Cute, Nicole. Norma was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Not that I wouldn't mind visiting St. Thomas and Martinique once again. I wouldn't be searching for Norma. But, I must confess I would be admiring the island women.

Now, it's a toss up. The islands or the Americas? ;-)

Rhianna said...

Um, TEXAS? Oh, I'm sorry, you meant for like a vacation right?

Hubby's joked my ideal "job" would be traveling the Roman Empire as someone foots the bill. Hey, I'll take a tent, I'll walk, I'll kill my own food if someone would "hire" me to do that. :D

Short of that, I want to go back to Naples - Pompeii & Herculaneum, go to Roma, and a few places in Germany and the UK.