Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Hilton gets made fun of AND goes to jail!

I think the look on Jack Nicholson's face is hilarious! I feel slightly bad for Paris, but Hey...she did it, not me!


e.Craig said...

Very good, Ellie!

Nicole said...

Well I have no respect for Paris, and think she definitely needs a reality check, I find this mean-spirited and don't like to "kick someone when they are down".

Same as Brit when she snapped. Like em or not, they are still people with feelings and whether I like them or respect them, when someone hits bottom, I personally can't find humour in it. I think she totally deserves to go to prison, but the penis comments...well..if this were a man, it would be looked at in a whole different light and as a woman, that don't fly with me.

That Jack...what an old buggar!! Who couldn't love Jack???!!

Ellie said...

I LOVE Jack Nicholson. He used to be such a hottie.

Nicole said...

He is living proof that sexy trumps ugly EVERY time!!!

plus, he makes wonderful, wonderful movies.

I loved him in Something's Gotta Give and As Good As It Gets.

All time favourite
Witches of Eastwick

RWA said...

Jack's expression is priceless. It's like he said, "I shouldn't be laughing at this....oh, what the's funny!"

The look on Paris' face after the "paint the bars like penises" comment is great too.

Ellie said...

I would have died if I was Paris, but she handled herself.