Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The freak at the gynecologist office!

So I had my appointment today at the gynecologist. (Eeew right) I am pregnant so it doesn't mean I am 'examined' every time. I walk in to the check in desk and there is a woman there before me going on and on about how she was robbed. If I could play for you what she sounded like, you would run from the room screaming. It was the most pathetic robbery story I have ever heard, and the most annoying b/c she spoke through her nose and talked really slow. I don't think the receptionist could see me b/c she was a bit large and sprawled out in front of the desk. I finally managed to check in and sit down with my magazine. I was trying to concentrate through her nasal slow slurred speech. Then she was done. From the looks of the back of her I thought she was 80 years old, but then she turned around and it turned out she only used 80 bottles of bleach on her head. She turned around and made her way across the room, close to where I was sitting. I managed to keep my eyes firm in my mag, but the woman next to me mistakenly looked at the whining wench. She sighed and then you here ""Did you hear what I was telling the other lady. How I was robbed by the comcast guy. He took all my Disney pins and $5000 in cash I had in a box. The police looked at me like I was crazy and didn't take me seriously. ...waa waaa waaaaa"She was so fucking loud, her voice was bouncing through my head like a screaming child. I packed my shit up and headed to the other side of the room, being sure to quickly glance over and let her know how annoying she was.
Then as I was sitting there, I noticed, no way was this woman pregnant...she was there for a regular ole visit. That poor gynecologist was going to have to sit there with this crazy woman in stirrups and probably listen to how she was robbed by the Comcast guy.The gynecologists in the back were probably drawing straws in the back!


Nicole said...

off top, but HOLY CRAP!!! 59 days!!! I recall just teasing you about 99 days to seemed like YESTERDAY!!!

Life is going by us all toooooo quickly ELLIE!!!

I think it's almost been a year since we "met"!!!!

Ellie said...

Yes Nic..I think it has been a year.
I haven't decided how I am going to handle the blog thing when I go on leave. I will know in 2 weeks when the scheduled delivery will be. Docs think it is the safest way to go for me.
I am really excited.
Just today Tyler said to me, "Mommy that's Emma's room, Emma's in belly but coming soon and I'm big brother"
I am truly amazed at how much he comprehends. We can't convey how blessed we are. Now it's all about playing the waiting game.

Nicole said...

How long of a mat leave do you get?

Here you get a full year and now some companies are allowing 18 months.

You'll probably be a very busy mummy, but I bet you still blog once in'll miss your blog buddies. It's amazing how attached one can become to "strangers"...;-)

Ellie said...

I am allowed 8 weeks paid and 4 weeks unpaid. Disability will only pay out until you are medically able to return to work.
But in Maryland it's 12 weeks. Isn't that something. We really look out for the families here.

Nicole said...

You are telling me that you ONLY get 12 weeks off with your new baby??? 3 MONTHS!!???

I hope you were being extremely sarcastic about the really look after families here comment!!!

A baby needs more time with a parent then 3 months. Infact, I know a few couples that do something like this. The mom takes off the first 9 or 10 months and then the dad takes off the last 2 months. One of my friends actually had her hubby take off the first 3 months with her and then she just went back when the baby was 9 months old. You are entitled to 12 months PAID leave, and it doesn't matter how you divy it up. It was bumped from 6 months paid leave to 12, back in 2001.

I cannot believe you only get 8 weeks paid leave. What are you going to do with Emma when you have to return to work?
Here all this time I have been thinking you'd be off until end of August 2008!!!!

Ellie said...

I was totally being sarcastic. I took the full 12 weeks with my son, but with Emma I will only be able to take the 8. With daycare expenenses, I can't afford to take 3 weeks off with no pay. I have inhome daycare so to keep my spot, I have to pay for Tyler the entire time.
My daycare is across the street though, so I can come visit during my lunch.
It was hard leaving Tyler the first time, I cried and cried. I cry now sometimes when I drop him off. I just learned how to make better use of my time with my child. I wish so many days that I could be home with him all the time.
Unfortunately, it just isn't possible right now. That is one advantage of working for your mother in law. I get off early sometimes, or take a day here or there. She said I could even bring Emma to work sometimes when she is an infant. We will see.

Nicole said...

Oh Ellie!!

I wish I had an endless supply of money and then you could stay home with your babies for as long as you wish!!!

I am so sorry you have to go back to work so soon!! :(

Nikky said...

wow, reading all that, I am really cranky. Back when I was having kids (the youngest is 9 now) I got 6 weeks paid, after that it was unpaid and they wouldn't guarantee my job if I took more. But hell, who could afford to take UNpaid maternity leave?

With my first one, my boss even called me at home and asked me to come back early, and like a moron, I did, when Alex was 5 weeks old.

Enjoy all that time with Emma, really, you can never get that back, I know.

Just Dave said...

I suspect the doctors were in back taking the speculums out of the refrigerator and putting them in the freezer just for Ms. Nasal Whinyperson.

Ellie said...

Just Dave ... Now THATS hillarious!