Monday, June 25, 2007

Another reason to hate criminals.

As if it weren't bad enough that our tax dollars have to be spent on the criminal process and to house criminals, feed them, bath them, entertain them, and bury them, I realized how much the American has to give to the judicial system this weekend.
Hubby got socked earlier in February with County Jury Duty. Hubby makes a substantial income and even the loss of a day is detrimental to us. Well Friday, he got the state jury summons. He has to call for every Monday in August.
I am terrified they won't let him out of it. The baby is due in August. Say I go into labor, will they get him out of the courtroom. (Not likely). Plus it's in Baltimore, more than an hour from where we live. They put on the notice that they reimburse for gas and mileage, but if you are called and have to stay, you could be there for 4 weeks, plus you have to pay for your own lodging if you are held. WTF???? Like we can afford that!!!!
For the average American, missing even a week of work seriously puts a dent in your pocket.
I call for a new law. Since it is our American duty to serve on a jury, we have to sit there and listen to how some dumb fuck screwed over everyone (unless your innocent okay), we have to take off work, re-arranged our families, drove our tired asses in rush hour traffic into 'beautiful' Baltimore, our employers should have to mandatorily pay us our base pay for our jury duty time. Shit, it's only fair. Every one's gotta give a little right? Why should the jury system potentially bankrupt a family? If my husband lost 4 weeks of work, I don't know how we would make it. If something like that were in place, then I would bet you a million you would have less people trying to get out of jury duty.
I sure hope they let him out of it. I am shaking I am so nervous.


e.Craig said...

I'm amazed that he is being considered for jury duty involving a trial to be held at a time when you could go into labor. But, he may not be far enough along in the process.

Such potential jurors could easily be excused by virtue of a doctor's note confirming the expected delivery date, imo.

Just Dave said...

Ellie, see this link:

Maybe it will help to ease your mind. However, you should also know that hubby can probably get off due to the pregnancy. Have him check on it as many courts have held that men get equal protection so, if a women gets excused due to a pending birth, the male gets the same deal. At any rate, try not to let it get to you. Perry Mason not withstanding, about 80-85% of cases are plea bargained these days.

Anonymous said...

Hey's Sarah. I decided to comment on this post b/c I had jury dutie ealier this year... and my job does pay for your salary... every day you miss work. You need to get on Sunshine and kick the their asses where the sun don't shine. Ha Ha. Love you babe.