Monday, June 18, 2007

Serta the Perfect Sleeper: The Perfect Peice of Crap!

It's a sleeper already...a problem that just sits there and sneaks up on you then goes BAAAMMM HAHAHAHAHHAAA!
Last January we spent $1500 on the Royal Pea. It was a lush King size Serta Mattress that we thought was an investment into quality. We were told we had a 10 year warranty. We weren't provided a copy of the warranty, but thought, okay cool. Well a year and a half later the mattress is sagging in 3 spots. We had Serta come out and measure the sag. But then Serta 6 weeks later told us, we had stains on our mattress that void the warranty.
You cannot sleep in this bed it is so bad. They are trying to blame my son's little 'oops' on the sagging issue and the giant hump in the middle of the bed. Had we known about the stain issue on the warranty, I would have bought a cover. Now $1500 we have to buy a new mattress.
Serta sent me this response
"I'm sorry that you feel the way you do, and I can understand. Although the sagging issue is covered, the stain on the mattress is not. Any stain on the bedding voids the warranty. This is an industry wide standard and not one held solely by Serta. Any fluids, bodily or water, tend to not only stain a mattress, but they can cause damage to the upholstery levels as well. This was made clear in the warranty information which came with the mattress. Stains on the mattress was one of the items which appeared under the section of items which are not covered under the Serta warranty. Any damage done consciously or unconsciously is not covered by our manufacturer's warranty; therefore the warranty becomes void when evidence of stains is found upon inspection. "
I sent this response
That is what I am saying, I was never provided a copy of the warranty. The tag on the mattress says W9 and that is it. There was no way for us to know about the stains. I would have bought a cover had we known. There is no way that you could understand how I feel, so please don’t even try that. You sold me a mattress that is completely useless for $1500. I am out $1500, with a baby on the way and having a high risk pregnancy, this is the last thing I needed to do was shell out another $1500 on a mattress. I have filed a complaint with the BBB b/c we were never given a copy of the warranty. And if the issue is not resolved I will file with Small claims court to get our $1500 back. I am tired of companies, like Serta, selling consumers products that are faulty and then not standing by their product.
Serta is not standing by it’s product in this case. Mattress Warehouse didn’t even care enough to return our calls. Serta didn’t care enough to let me speak to someone over the phone regarding the issue. You bedcheck representative came to our home and told us with this mattress, sagging is the #1 issue and is the most complained about of your mattress’s. With just that information right there, it tells me that Serta sold us a mattress that is faulty, it had nothing to do with the stain on the mattress. It is just a way of getting out of what you owe us as a consumer.
I will not stop this complaint until it has been completely heard. The mattress you sold me is faulty….no getting around it. Period.
"If someone would take take the time and come over to my house and sit on it, I am sure Serta might see it our way. I can’t sleep in my own bed. I can't have sex with my husband in our bed. I can't cuddle with my child and rock him to sleep in our bed. And I don’t have the funds right now to buy a new one. I will never buy from Serta or Mattress Warehouse again. I will be sure to write every detail of this transaction down so that everyone can read about it on the internet. I will follow through with small claims court and the BBB, until someone in your company takes me seriously.
It's sad that your customer service couldn't even give me the courtesy to let me speak with a supervisor even going so far as to say there wasn't one for that department. It's pretty sad that your bedcheck representative told me that your company doesn't care about it's warranty complaints and set me up for the denial before it was even heard.It's pretty sad that your company uses a sanitary excuse when you couldn't resell the mattress in the first place. I hope you can understand that one."

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RWA said...

I hope your complaint gets some results. That is pretty pitiful on their part.

Of course, when push comes to shove, I'm sure they will blame the store where you bought the mattress for not providing a copy of the warranty.

Good luck!

Just Dave said...

Send a copy of your e-mail to whichever of your local TV stations that has a consumer advocate. Stores love a guy with a TV camera bursting in on them with a copy of a legitimate complaint-NOT!

e.Craig said...

I would not have a popular brand-name conventional bed. But, I had no problem spending twice what you spent on my bed. I'm convinced I got what I paid for.

I hope you can get some satisfaction from Serta. If that sag is due to faulty manufacturing (material or labor), that should trump any staining.

Why should they care if it's stained? The stain didn't cause the problem, and they will bin the old mattress anyway.

Nikky said...

Good Luck with this, please keep us posted!
And thanks for the info, I will be in the market for a new mattress in the next 2 months or so, now at least I know who to avoid!