Monday, June 18, 2007

My Bridge Freak Out

So I took hubby to the beach for the weekend. I don't really enjoy the beach so much when I am pregnant. It's too hot in Maryland.
But the worst part is the trip across the bridge. This time was worse. They are doing some work on the bridge, so they split the lanes. 3 go to the side you would normally go on, and 1 goes on the side of the bridge you would normally drive back home on, so you are facing on coming traffic. Guess which one we went on. I had a panic attack and cried my eyes out the entire way over.
So on our way back home, my 2 year old says to me "Mommy Hold my hand...don't cry mommy..look at all the boats!"
I didn't cry, but I felt a bit silly that my two year old was 'talkin me down'.
But look at this is a scary sumkindabitch!

For Nic: Below is the San Fransisco Bay Bridge & a Pic of the Lincoln Tunnel (I took while going through it surrounded by the river.) Two other things that make me cry (Tears of Fears)


Nicole said...

This one does look intimadating.

My favourite bridge ever is the Port Mann Bridge which is the entrance into Vancouver...well, it takes you across and is the "gateway". I too usually cry when crossing it...tears of joy and happiness!!! I can't even express the feelings I experience as we approach the bridge, but it's a total zen, absolute adreneline feeling. My 2nd favourite bridge is The Lion's Gate Bridge that takes you from Vancouver up to North Vancouver. Sailing across the bridge which is all kinds of lanes and they switch depending on traffic times and which day of the week it is...but the crisp Pacific Sea air stings your nostrils and the fresh , cool ocean's breeze...ahgggg!!!
Ellie, I am sooooo homesick for Vancouver right now!!!!! LOL

Ellie said...

Just looked up the pics of those two bridges...I could handle those. The Cheasapeake Bay Bridge, however, it is kryptonite. I can't stand it. 2nd worse...the San Fransisco Bay Bridge...and the New York Licoln tunnel (Totally underwater)
Look em' will see what I mean!

Nicole said...

Yeah, there is no denying your Cheasapeake Bridge is scary.

My scariest bridge encounter is one you walk across. It is called the Cappilano Suspension Bridge and is a tourist attraction in North Vancouver.
I had to cross it pregnant with my son. It was awful!!! lol

I was pregnant, crabby, nauseated and i don't like heights normally at the best of times. This one sways in the air.

You may recall haering a news story a few years back. A woman claimed her baby slipped out of her arms ( she tossed the kid) and the downs syndrome infant plunged all the way down into the canyon. Thankfully, soft tree branches helped break her fall and it was a miracle she survived. I am going to try posting a link, but will also look up the exacts of the bridge.

Cappilnao Bridge

Nicole said...

Ha!! spelled it wrong in the link!! what a loser!!! hahaha

anyway, the link worked!!!

Ellie said...

oh yeah "ooops my baby slipped"
That is just sick!

Nicole said...

Capillano Info

Ok...found the website. Now take peek at this link...just imagine walking across THIS bridge if you don't like heights!!! :)

Nicole said...

In that new link it actually shows video of the attraction. A guide walks across the bridge and you can see the bridge swaying!!

Let me know what you think. That link was good as it showed other attractions near my beloved Vancouver!!!

Ellie said...

Nope Nic...Not me.. I would no way ever walk that bridge!!!

Scotsman said...

So what are you saying, you wouldn't like to drive across this bridge?

Nicole's story reminds me of an Australian news story years ago, (nothing to do with bridges but all to do with bad parentage) and the never to be forgotten 'the dingo ate ma baby'

Yeah right!

Ellie said...

Aww hell no scotsman! Nic you gotta check that one out.

As far as the dingo thing, the dingo really did eat her baby. Which is awful, I couldn't imagine. But I believe they found the remains of her daughter...the poor thing.

Woozie said...

It's too hot in Maryland.

Amen to that...95 today...

Just Dave said...

Everytime I drive eastbound on the Bay Bridge over San Fransico Bay, all I can think is -Please no earthquake, please no earthquake. I say it like a mantra until I get over.

RWA said...

Props to your 2-year-old for looking after Mommy!

e.Craig said...

That's a beautiful bridge, Ellie. Back in 1989 on a cool August day, my brother and I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, and back again with a quick detour thru the streets of Sausalito.

One of my grandchildren also has a fear of bridges. (of any size)