Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Truthful about drugs...

With all the media coverage of celebrities doing drugs, especially the younger generation, I wonder what message it's sending to our kids. It's okay...just do a 30 stint in rehab and you'll be fine?
Hubby and I often wonder if our children ask us about the things we have done in the past, would too much information be damaging, or would it be better to tell and let our children know what the consequences for us really were.
When I turned 22, I experimented more than I had ever in my entire life. If I wanted my children to learn from my mistakes, wouldn't I tell them? Because what if they try it out for themselves and that one time is the only time or that one time is the time they get really hurt? I don't want my children to throw it in my face "YOU DID IT" but if I sat back and didn't say anything???
Which is the right way?


paz y amor said...

The right way in my opinion is to SHOW them the realities of what drugs do to people. My dad used to drive me around to skid row and point out the people he used to know, but now they're homeless because they were "smokin' that shit" as he used to say. Show them the pictures of how people's bodies are destroyed by using (abusing) drugs. Telling them does nothing, but SHOWING them makes them see for themselves the dangers of it. I think it's alright to tell them about your past, but only when they're mature enough to understand that you learned from the mistakes.

paz y amor said...

My dad didn't tell me that he tried crack until I was 26....Get the picture.

e.Craig said...

Well, you surely can't neglect to tell them about the dangers and consequences of drug use just because you once tried it or did it.

I wouldn't volunteer the info that I'd ever done drugs, but I would be truthful if asked.

And if they try to sideline you with, "well you did it!", you just come back with, "Homey don't play dat game!" :-)

alex said...

angel said...

Sometimes I watch those stories and just think... WTF! ..doesn't every one experiment with drugs and get drunk a few times in those early years - does that really mean they need to go straight to rehab?

I would have spent quite a bit of my youth in rehab programs, if that was the case!

Alas, I didn't go to rehab ever, and I have no drug or alcohol issues today.

I think its important to educate kids about drugs, and what they can do to people. For example, my friends brother is schizophrenic which was brought on from smoking weed. This may or may not have happened if he didn't smoke. Another guy I know had a heart attack aged 33 whilst on ecstacy. Someone else I know 'lost his mind' on some LSD, and has never returned. Very sad.

I don't think you have to use yourself as the example. But if asked I'd be honest about it.

When it comes down to it, your kids are ultimately going to make their own moral choices, and I think they will make those choices from the morals you instil in them from a kid.

I also don't understand why these celebrities keep driving when they're off chops! I'm totally against anyone driving under the influence. I mean, can't these people afford a driver or at least a cab? Idiots.

Just Dave said...

I have been bery ambivalent over this question. I didn't do drugs but I drank a hell of lot in my teens and, now, I really have to watch it. My fear was always that the kids would try something that would kill them first time out, like crystal meth has been known to do. So I talked to them about the dangers, especially about crack and meth. I know they tried some stuff but I don't think they ever tried those two. I also let them get shit-faced on beer at home when they were in their teens, if they wanted to (my daughter didn't) under my supervision, so they could experience the joys of calling for Ralph on the porcelein telephone for hours and trying to sleep with one foot on the floor to try to keep the room from spinning, not to mention hangovers. There are all grown now and I know they drink but I'm pretty sure they don't get smashed.

Ellie said...

I used to smoke pot occasionally, but I got hooked on Extacy when I was 22 for about a year. Talk about an expensive habit. I had one night that I went totally over board and didn't realize at the time that I could have killed myself. Then a girl in my area tried ex for the first time and it was all over the news how she died and what ex actaully did to your brain. The report also told you what was in the pills. Friends had started moving onto other things and when I tried coke I realized I was going too far. I felt like I had all these friends but I was really lonely. They were just there for the party. Ya know.
I've done some stupid shit in my life, and I have learned. But JDave you are right, my fear is the first time they try would be the worst. Hubby and I disagree on how we should tell and what.I'd rather my kids think me a hypocryte than them try something b/c I never said anything.

Nicole said...

Hey El, Off Top, but the poster Just Dave, isn't JDave. I think I know why you thought he was still coming by..maybe you have confused the two?

I had asked JDave if he came by your place once in awhile as you had mentioned he drops in now and again, and he said he hadn't been back since the "exchange", so maybe because this poster goes by Just Dave, you thought it was him.

Not that it much matters, but thought you would want to know.

ooohhh 78 days to go!!! :)

Nicole said...

I just clicked Just Dave's profile and he is 58, Jdave is 35 and Jdave has no kids.

I wonder how many Nicole's get mixed up in the

Just Dave said...

That's a malicious lie - I'm 59-lol. Nope, I am not JDave. I use the handle Just Dave to show how harmless I really am.

Nicole said...

Just Dave..I hear that 59 is a good a fine wine!! :)

Have a good weekend, harmless Just Dave!

Just Dave said...
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