Friday, May 04, 2007

Kids say the darndest things! (funny story)

This is actually an embarrassing story about 'me'. I can't believe I am telling you, but who's funny!

So my son and I were in McDonalds the other day and I bought him his dinner. While he was eating I called his father and was politely chatting when all of a sudden, out of no where I had to pass gas and couldn't hold it. Normally I wouldn't fret b/c no one ever notices, but this time it sounded like a fog horn. I looked up and everyone had turned to look at me. Hubby on the phone was like "WHAT WAS THAT?"
Quick in my thinking I exclaimed loudly "...Tyler???" my husband asked, 'our son farted that loud" Smart mommy, I turned to Tyler and said "Oh my you farted you little stinky" in my cute mommy voice, trying to divert the attention from myself. Then my two year old stood up and yelled "Not me Mommy. YOOOOOU! You FARTED Mommy!" And he kept on until everyone looking at us started diverting their eyes back at me and giggling. Hubby could do nothing but laugh.
I think that my face is still a nice shade of red. Guess I can't blame a mommy boo boo on a dirty diaper anymore.

Kids...they say the darndest things don't they.


Effortlessly Average said...

Granted it wouldn't have helped in McDonald's, but for those occassions when you need to be discrete at home, a dog makes a good patsy. lmao.

RWA said...

That's pretty funny. Sorry your kid threw you under the bus in front of everyone in McDonald's though!

paz y amor said...

Funny, funny story. It's amazing how truthful kids can be when you don't want them to be!

e.Craig said...

Now THAT is funny! Bet you won't make a mistake like that again. Once they start talking, you are fair game.