Friday, May 11, 2007

I am in tears right now

I can't believe my eyes. This is Santa Catalina Island, Avalon California. It rests about 20 miles off the coast of California. This is where, August 8th, 2002, my husband got on his knees and proposed to me. Our picture was taken right there infront of those boats in the harbor, about an hour after we were engaged. In those mountains there is a rare botanical garden and some Structures built by Wrigley overlooking the forest, the town, the harbor and ocean. They are so lovely adorned by mosaic tiles.
To the left of this picture is a historical casino built in 1929. Known in the 30's for gambling and wonderful music and lively dancing.
Behind these shops is a town. You can rent a cottage there and stay the weekend to go snorkling in the cold water. But behind the cottages is a little town where the locals are. They don't have much, but the town itself.
They haven't recieved but 2 inches of rainfall since January. Last night the winds picked up a fire and blew it across 500 acres making it impossible to fight on land, so helicopters are fighting it in the sky.
I love this place, and can't imagine it gone. It is a unique island, not a ton to offer, but a sure romance hot spot. I can't express how much I want them to save it.


RWA said...

I have a friend who lives along the coast between Los Angeles and San Diego. She said it's awful with all of the fires, and they really need some rain.

Just Dave said...

Looks like they were able to save almost all of the buildings. You can exhale now.

Ellie said...

I am glad that the buildings were saved, but, the beauty of the island will take quite sometime grow back.
It is an odd thing to look at that picture and remember our excursion through the woods and the gardens in our little golf cart.
I just pray that the island survives this tradgedy. It is a tourist island and without the know.

Donald Douglas said...

There was an excellent response from the mainland emergency preparedness crews. Catalina Island had a close call there, but few structures were lost. It was very hot and dry here last week, so that drought is really taking its toll.

But the reason I came over here is to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. Couldn't end my day without that!

Take good care!

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Effortlessly Average said...

Ok, I know this sounds cynical, so apologies... but I've been there as well and frankly the biggest tragedy is the wildlife (flora and fauna) that's being destroyed. Catalina Island as a community (at least inasmuch as people who live there) is one extremely wealthy area and as horrible as it sounds I can't muster much sympathy for someone who'd pay a million dollars for a garage-sized house. My heart does go out for the Gardens and animal life that roams (roamed?) the island, though.

Ellie said...

Thank you so much Don! I had a wonderful Mother's Day. We took our son to the zoo with my sister and my neice. It was peaceful and an overall wonderful day!

Ellie said...

It's not cynical of you to say that EA. You are completely right. However, there were many poor families that live there as well. I don't remember seeing mansions and stuff, maybe that is the other side of the island. I have yet to explore that area. But we will venture back I am sure.