Friday, May 11, 2007

"How did she die?".."My Ipod killed her"

Don't hug grandma too close when you have your Ipod handy! A 17 year old highschool student did a project for the science fair and concluded that if you wear a pace maker, your Ipod, or your grandkid's Ipod causes interference in the radio signal of the pacemaker. A study of 83 volunteers with pacemakers found the music devices interfered with the pacemakers nearly 30 percent of the time.

"The results of the study, conducted by Michigan high school student Jay Thayer and Dr. Krit Jongnarangsin, a University of Michigan cardiologist, were presented Thursday at the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Denver. The society is a professional group focusing on irregular heart rhythm.
In most cases, the iPod interference caused pacemakers to misread the heart's pacing. In one, the pacemaker stopped altogether.
The iPod - like microwave ovens, cell phones and other electronic devices - appears to cause a problem by creating an electromagnetic field that interferes with the electric function of the pacemakers, Thayer said."

What I think is odd about the story... a 17 year old came up with the idea to test this theory. The kid is the next Doogie Howser!


RWA said...

This kid is a hero in the medical fields - and probably on the "Most Wanted" list of every iPod/mp3 player manufacturer out there.

That is pretty smart, though.

Ellie said...

He should get some kind of monetary award for that! He went all out on the experiment.

Crazy Smart..ya know.

Variant E said...

And who were these volunteers with pacemakers that said "yeah, let's see if that ipod stops fun is that!".

Nicole said...

Hey El

I just wanted to drop in and wish my favourite preggy person a Happy Mother's Day!
Hope you enjoy a nice day with your family.

What did you think of LOST this week? Jay and I discussed it earlier.

oh lastly, when I clicked over and saw your floating baby at 99 days I got the giggles and thought of that song...99 bottles..


99 more days of floating in Ellie's belly...99 more days to go
in 99 days Emma will come out and be passed around...99 more days for you to grow!!!

ok, I know I'm sad and need a life but's a slow day! lol

made a Mother's day thread and a little meme...Sara of course came by and was her usual perverted, sarcastic self!! :)