Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I feel sorry for the next one...(open letter)

Okay, yes, I know that my belly is rather large for 22 weeks (5.5 months). She is going to be a big baby. Beautiful, but yes big. "Hey lady at Macaroni Grill...Don't you think I know this already!!! Pick your lower lip up from the floor!"
"Hey Lady at Target... Yes I am the one carrying her around, she is a big baby...and NO I am not going to pop right here!!! You are going to catch flies with your mouth open so wide!"
Starbucks guy..."Yeah so what.. I eat a Bran Muffin in the morning, you try popping Prenatal pills full of iron and see how fast you take a shit OKAY!!! When are you due dude?"
There is a thing out there called pregnancy etiquette...or rather just " etiquette "
The next person that says something about my belly...I am going to snap! And please's cute the first one or two times your kid rubs my belly, but when they stand there expecting a genie to pop out of the damn thing, you need to pull them away!
Thank you to my friend Katie that saw me over the weekend and hugged my belly exclaiming, "oh look how cute!!! The little prego belly" That is the warm kinda fuzzies I need right now.
I should really have hubby take a pic to show you guys!


Variant E said...

Don't get mad; get even. They can all have a turn babysitting at 2 years old. That'll teach them.

Just Dave said...

Not to suck up, but I have to agree with Robert Heinlein: there is no one more beautiful than a pregnant woman. I look at pictures of my wife when she was carrying our son and fall all over again.

As regards the starers and rubbers, well, just remind them of "that scene" in the movie "Alien" and tell them to stand back.

Nikky said...

I can remember being horrified when total strangerrs would come up and touch my belly... the first few times I was too shocked to speak or react at all.
After awhile, I started doing it back to them... pot belly, flat skinny witch belly, male, female, DID NOT MATTER. I'd make the same comments towards them, while invading their personal space.("OH, look how big you are" & "guess we know what you've been up to" OMG!)I may not have saved myself, but maybe the next time that creepo saw a pregnant woman, they'd think twice about helping themselves to a grope! (sorry so long, just always really ticked me off!)