Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Over!!!

After a conversation with my mother, I decided to re-think the argument with hubby. My mother is totally on my side, but something she said made me think about the purchases that hubby and I have made over the last year, which include a 50" dlp television & a Charlse Fazzino peice of artwork. Those were joint decision purchases, that had we not made, we might have a bit to buy the car we need. SO I told hubby I was setting the fight aside, but that he needed to help me out and make the other car happen. I can't punish him for decisions we have both made.
Besides...he is too damn cute to stay mad at for long!


RWA said...

Mom sounds like she made a pretty good point, but don't give up on the car!

Nicole said...

Well that's good El...I was getting worried about ya!!!

The best advice I can give is to keep communicating...if you hold too much in, it starts to fester and you can become very resentful. You are preggy, so you don't need that extra stress.

And remember, if you stay mad and all, that means you won't have too much happening in the bedroom...and then that means you are also denying yourself from sex too!!! :)

If I ever come into big can buy any car\vehicle you want!!!!

Ellie said...

yeah...uh...wish I could say the bedroom was the hot spot of the day.

I will tell you a secret via email!

Nicole said...

Read the email Ellie!

You ALWAYS keep me smiling!!! :)

Ellie said...

I am glad I was able to please...although in this case...wish I didn't have the story to tell!

e.Craig said...

Great pic choice there, Ellie. Good post, too.

angel said...

The pic made me giggle! Boys will be boys!

Artwork is one of those things that you should splurge on every now and then. It's usually the last thing on the list... but you'll always love it so much more than a fuel guzzling car!

Hope all is well with you Ellie! xx