Friday, April 06, 2007

Something nice just in time for Easter

British Soldiers were returned home. Thank you!
Happy Easter Everyone. Don't forget to take time out and remember the gift that was given to you this holy weekend. The pain and suffering that was endured so that we may live.
Not a sermon, just a thought.


RWA said...

I was glad to hear those men and women were released unharmed. I was also glad they got to tell what really happened to them instead of the "fun and games" propaganda that Iran put out.

Happy Easter by the way.

Ellie said...

I was very pleased to see them returned home.

LETS TALK said...

Hi ellie, It's been a long time since I paid a visit to your site.

I'm Larry from Let' Talk About It.

It's nice to know that you still have your site, and I'll check back with you from time to time.