Monday, April 16, 2007

My taxes to pay for your abortion?

I am going to be very clear. I do not believe in abortions other than for medical reasons. BUT that is my personal belief. I would never condemn a woman for having an abortion. But I will be damned if I would ever help pay for it. With the fine lines we have drawn in the abortion debate, how can a presidential hopeful support the public funding of abortions? He says it is a constitution right. But isn't the right to life, also a constitutional right. That is where the debate begins. When is life, life? That question is more a belief than is a proven and definitive fact.

When I decided to start having sex, I made the conscience decision to protect myself b/c I was not ready for a baby. If I didn't have the $3 for a condom, or the $20 bucks for birth control pills, I didn't take the chance and 'hope' that I didn't get pregnant.

Former Mayor Giuliani, and 2008 Presidential hopeful, believes that poor women should have access to our taxes to pay for their abortions. He didn't say if there would be a cap on abortions. He didn't say what classified poor. He didn't give an annual figure of how much it might cost. He didn't mention the public funding of birth control as an alternative... he said that whether I liked it or not, I was denying someone their constitutional right to an abortion by not wanting to have my tax dollars go towards something I whole heartily do not believe in. I think that the uproar in the United States, if something like that were to be passed, would be huge. He says he doesn't believe in abortion and thinks that it shouldn't be allowed, but in the same sentence, says he supports public funding....

Way to play both sides of the fence there Giuliani!

The article is here:Giuliani stands by support of publicly-funded abortions
Watch the video.


Hypersonic said...

OK, you know I'm pro-choice and I think that Rudi is seriously misled here. When abortion- on-demand is freely available, then the chances of abuse are increased. You don't say anything about contraception being distributed by the government for those on low income or unemployed.

Ayman said...

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Ellie said...

I said something about public funding of birth control, Rudy hasn't. We have some programs in place, but they need to be enhanced.

Abortions are guidelined through the states. For a President to establish public funding..would be crossing the line.

My brother, prochoice, made the debate that he would rather fund the cost of abortion, if it was cheaper than funding raising the child. But the pro life in me says, I would rather bare the burden of raising the child.

It is a tough debate, neither side will win. A medium has been approached the best it can be for now. YOU pay for your abortion. My taxes help pay to raise children that don't have means, but I don't make the decision for you whether or not you have one or not. Just as the prochoice wouldn't make the choice for me.

Ayman said...

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e.Craig said...

I'm pro-life, too, Ellie. And I'm for equal constitutional rights. I have a constitutional right to own a car, but I hve no right to have it purchased with public funds just because I can't afford to buy it. Giuliani has a skewed view of exactly what a constitutional right is if he claims that right is being denied if the government doesn't pay for an abortion a woman can't afford.

Who does he think he's kidding with a remark like that? Go back and read the Bill of Rights, Rudi.

Anonymous said...

I'm pro-choice. I am also adopted. Although I'm from Australia, so it's a bit different here as far as rules go. But I possibly wouldn't be on this earth if my mother had the choices I have today.

Abortion, for my mothers sake, would have spared her the 34 years of pain, loss and grief for her baby - not to mention the judgement and mistreatment she endured whilst pregnant with me? Society did not allow her to keep me. And for me, the 34 years of pain and grief for the loss of my mother? It made me strong, I have survived that, and for the record, I am grateful I exist.

However, I think the option of having an abortion should be available to all women, regardless of their financial status etc. Some women may not have an abortion/child because of the cost - some may be coerced into adoption.. (Google the Evelyn Bennett story, which is in my opinion criminal). Neither is a great option, really. But the need for women to have the choice is imperative in my opinion because the abortion/adoption debate needs to be based on each individual situation.

I wouldn't be so worried about my tax dollars going towards medical assistance for the women in my country to have abortions, but I am much angrier at my money going to fund a war that kills so many people.

In a sense, they're both about ending life...


Ellie said...

Angel, I respect your opinion. The thing is, it isn't your choice that is in question or that is being ignored or not given. You still have the free choice to have an abortion, but why should our tax dollars go to help fund such a controversial cause? When there are so many against abortion, Giuliani is saying that we would have to help fund it.
It is like ecraig said, we have a right to own a car, I can't afford a 2nd car that my family desparately needs, the government isn't helping me pay for that. The government didn't come into my home and see how we live and by what means before deciding to increase my property taxes by double this year. That is $2900 to $4800 in one year. So now my family must endure a hardship because someone else couldn't take the steps not to get pregnant in the first place?

Like I said...there is a line drawn in the sand, and the government shouldn't cross that line.

RWA said...

Giuliani is getting himself in a big mess. It's attitudes like this that leave him hanging out in "no man's land" somewhere between the liberals and conservatives.

If it's going to be legal by law, so be it. That doesn't mean that it has to be provided by the government.

We have the right to own guns. Does that mean the government should buy everybody one?

Ellie said...

Thank You RWA...

angel said...

Ellie, I guess I am thinking in terms of the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing of the women who face such a choice. Because it is a health issue and not a material item like a car, I think there should be some availability to women who need help.

As a woman, it doesn't so much matter if I agree with abortion or not, because my desire to assist these women in need would outweigh any preconceived judgement I had.

We get free healthcare here too, so my perspectives come from a place where I see the availability of health facilities a basic right.

I agree that if women want an abortion, and they can afford to do this themselves, they should. But I think there needs to be some assistance to women if they can't. Having the child and adopting it out isn't necessarily a great option either - its a life sentence for many women, living with such grief.


Rhianna said...

You pay taxes as a citizen. The government spends those taxes for the good of citizens everywhere. I hate NPR and any number of "public art" and universities for crankin' out mindless morons that do what hollywierd tell them to and sue if they get 'offended'. I hate moochers and pretty much everyone on public assistance is mooching imo. But I pay my taxes.

Sex is NOT just for procreation. It's FUN. Humanity has been doing it, AND ABORTIONS, since we figured out how to. We've hunted several plants into extinction due to their abortificant powers. I can list several more. If paying for a damn abortion will save my tax dollars for the rest of my life from taking care of a moochin' ass family by denying the creation of that moochin' ass family - I'm cool with it!

If we should make state funded abortion illegal, you better make state funded pregnancy care illegal along with state funded birth control. You don't get to sit both sides of the fence - you don't get to say "pay for this med stuff but not this". Don't avail yourself of the abortion if you don't want, but don't use medicare either. (I personally support the right, but think it's a cheap-ass way to avoid consequences of really bad choices but as only the woman is to suffer with the kid and 'daddy' gets to be a "baller" and call her a "ho" while he doesn't pay support, avoid the problem all together!)

We don't get to choose WHAT other citizens do. All laws in humanity are "Keep THEM from doing THIS because I DON'T like it!". It's never for YOUR good, it's to force YOUR IDEA of what's good on someone else. Remember, as you would force your will, other's would force their's on you. Do YOU want to live by MY standards? How about the Imus standards, or the Jackson standards? How 'bout an Iman's that hates women and wants to see you stoned for showing ankle? Then don't try to force your will on other's - it will come back to bite you in the ass.

Ellie said...

Now Rhianna, I know your not yelling at a fragile pregnant woman (lol)...

Rhianna & Angel
Your opinion is one of the sides to the debate. It is a valid argument, but in the same sense so is the valid argument that I would be forced to participate in a practice I don't believe in. See as a pro-lifer, I would much rather support the life of child through out the tax service than the death of the child. If the government says okay to this.. than the pro-life side to the debate is ignored.
Sex is fun, your right, but why can't women protect themselves against getting pregnant if they know they can't afford to raise a child.
Now, I am sure, if there were medical reasons, the abortion is already funded by our tax system and those on public assisted insurance. My brother in law and his family is on a government insurance plan, so medical coverage is not my issue.

I don't try to force my opinion on anyone, but I feel like this extremely sensative issue, would be forced upon me.

Angel...thanks for joining the conversation! How awesome!

Still love all you pro-choicer's don't get me wrong...

angel said...

Likewise Ellie, thanks for having me here!! Everyone is entitled to express their opinions and I appreciate that you listen to the other side of the fence.. I do understand where you're coming from too. It's good to have an intelligent debate about these things!!
I think that some women just don't have the education or foresight to be careful. Sad, but true - they're out there.
I also think that assistance should be given to women on both sides of the pro life/pro choice fence, because they both have valid need. It shouldn't be just one or the other. I'd resent that another's opinion ultimately limited the choices and options I'd have if in that situation. There should be assistance for every human being.

Personally, if I was in the situation I'd have a child, but I still think there's need for choice.

I look forward to checking in to your blog in the future!
and btw, congratulations on your pregnancy! how exciting! x