Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I ran into a friend of a friend who knew you & me way back when...

Well so it's been 8 years since. We had 8 years together. 2 of dating 4 of love and 2 of fighting. I always knew that I would run into a friend of a friend who would mention your name. I was lucky I ran into one of the nicer of your friends. No bad words will come spilling from their lips. Had I run into another they probably would have run back to you laughing and telling you how horrible I looked. I used to live in fear of running into you when I returned home for a visit. Would I say hi? Would I run? I saw you once and I could of rolled down my window and said hello, instead I peeled wheel and took off like a bat outta hell. Why I wondered? So my hair isn't bright blond anymore, I have a little extra on the front and the back, I'm not wearing haulter tops and designer shorts anymore dancing with all of my equally beautiful friends that all despise you. I may have a few wrinkles forming on the corners of my eyes. But you would see all that, wouldn't you.
You wouldn't know that all those friends of mine, are still my friends and we get together with our children and go on outings, though I know they still despise you, they never mention your name. The extra in the front & the back, it just so happens that my husband doesn't mind because I have given him a beautiful son with his eyes and a daughter on the way. I may not wear designer cloths anymore, but I don't have to impress anyone every second of the day anymore either.

And those wrinkles out of the corners of my eyes..... I guess 8 years of smiling will do that to you.

It doesn't matter who I run into that knew me & you way back when. And if I saw you, I probably would keep walking. My time, my life, and my heart is worth more to me now.


RWA said...

Sounds like you have moved on with your life after this rough time.

Well done.

No need for looking back at all.

Nicole said...

The past is what makes us who we are today. Perhaps if you had not went thru what you did, you may not appreciate all that you have now.
You are right to look ahead and not back..embrace your future and don't forget your past..just leave it in the past where it belongs.

We should always find someone for who loves us for us..the inside us...not just the outside package.
I want my husband to love me for my big heart...not my big..ahems... lol

Just Dave said...

People who live their lives looking backwards run into a lot of walls. Good job on closing out.

Ellie said...

I wasn't going to post about it, but had this overwhelming urge to do it.
Lord knows why.
But it felt good.

e.Craig said...

That's some pretty heavy stuff, Ellie. Excellent post. :-)

Hypersonic said...

Way to go Ellie. That's why we love you.