Friday, March 02, 2007

Facing your demons

My closest childhood friend gave birth to a beautiful 9lb 9 oz baby girl last week. Thing about my friend..she is a procrastinator. She thought that when the baby came she would look into her eyes and a name would instantly come to her. Not so. She and her hubby have been struggling. Her family has interjected on almost every name she has come up with. So hubby and she decided that they would name the baby, put it on the birth cert and then tell everyone. They did. And boy did the shit hit the fan.

Baby is now named Lillith. Her parents have been giving births to cows for the last two days. They picked the name because of the reference to her independence. She knew that Lillith as the first woman in the bible and in Eden, that she didn't want to submit to Adam, so she was sent from Eden and the Lord created Eve. She didn't go any deeper than that. Her mother did though. Here is what she found:
Lilith is a female Mesopotamian night demon or vampire associated with wind and thought to harm children. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Babylonia, circe 3000 B.C.E. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name "Lilith" at somewhere around 700 B.C.E.[citation needed]
In the
Book of Isaiah, Lilith (Hebrew: לִילִית) is a kind of night-demon or animal, translated as onokentauros in the Septuagint, as lamia "witch" by Hieronymus of Cardia, and as screech owl in the King James Version of the Bible. Lilith also appears as a night demon in the Talmud and Midrash. She is often identified as the mother of all incubi and succubi. Late medieval Jewish legend portrays her as the first wife of Adam, who left the Garden of Eden after a dispute with her husband, and subsequently became the mother of demons, the Lilin. Lilith is also sometimes considered to be the paramour of Satan.
Her parents have been begging her to change it and have given my friend no peace. Then her sister had the nerve to say to her " Well when I was at your house, I could feel the presence of demons all around me. I had to pray over the blood of our savior to save your family and "other 2yr old daughter" (sorry no names)
First thing I said to my friend "Did you ask her if she brought them with her?"
I am so happy for my friend that she has another beautiful little girl. I am sure that if we all dig deep enough we could find something bad in every name. It isn't fair to ruin the happiness that my friend has right now. You know I was always taught, if you focus in on the demons in this world so much, you let them in because your focus has turned away from God. I told my friend maybe her family needs to pray...then get over it.


Nikky said...

Your friend's family must be very religious, I don't know of anyone who would dig that deep and care that much about the meaning behind a name.
Personally, I think Lilith is a lovely name.
I agree, those people need to get over it and welcome their granddaughter into the family. Like it or not, she's there.

Nicole said...

Holy crap, I couldn't even believe I was reading this bullsh*t.

To be honest the first thing I thought of was LilithFair
which is (was)women artists\songwriters that staged concerts and all of the singers were women.

It's funny, but the other night, and El, you may not like to read this, but I have to be honest.
We were eating supper and listening to the news. The segemnt came on about finding the supposed tome of Jesus and his wife and child. My kids both looked at me and asked me " how come you never told us Jesus had a wife and kid"
( like I know everything and am supposed to spill all the beans to those two nosy parkers)

I told them about the different theories going around and then I said something that my husband almost choked on his stringbeans over.
I told my kids to always keep in mind that 99% of the bible is bullsh*t. That it was written by men to teach lessons and stories. Because it exisits does not make it true. And that in their life, they will come across people that will use the bible to try and twist it to their benefit and make other's lives miserable.

Maybe you should give your dear friend my number....
her family sounds like the typical, religious hypacrytes that I despise. The Jesus that I think existed would have despised their actions as well.

Let your friend know that I think Lilith is a beautiful , strong name and that I hope her daughter grows into a beautiful, strong-minded, confidant woman who will be able to stand up to racist ignorants and maybe if they are lucky teach them that a rose is a rose even by another name.

off top, hope you are feeling better. :)
having a Bday party\get-together for my hubby tomorrow evening. Having a Green\St. Patrick's day theme. Everyone is to come dressed in green and I have decorated the whole house, bought Heineken beer because it comes in pretty green bottles and am going to look up green shots next.
I am making them play a game called Dirty Minds...ever hear it?

Ellie said...

They are religous...but sometimes I think that they use their religon against others. As Christians they are not supposed to look for the bad and convey that to their daughter (who has a serious heart condition) but embrace the gift of life that God has blessed them with.

Nicole...I did hear that. I actually heard also that Jesus did have a wife & son as well. But how did they get his dna in the first place to compare it too?... the things that make you go hmmm

e.Craig said...

According to Eliezer Segal, a historian on Judaism and a Professor at Calgary University, the story of Lilith is not actually found in any authentic Rabbinic tradition. Although it is repeatedly cited as a "Rabbinic legend" or a "midrash," it is not recorded in any ancient Jewish text! Also, it seems that many scholars refer to the story of Lilith as a myth.

You may recall that Frazier's wife on "Cheers" was named Lilith. According to, the name means "of the night" and is of Arabic origin.

Many religious individuals have superstitions that, in my opinion, fly in the face of reason. They are the same people who avoid the numbers "666" because they are the numbers of the beast, or Satan. It has always been a curiosity to me how persons who claim a religion that affords them the protection of God can harbor such fears.

Ellie said...

apparently ecraig..her parents really believe in demons. not that as a religous person you shouldn't, but you shouldn't focus too much on them. I thought that most of what I found was of mythology too.

I don't know if you remember my post about missing a friend, here is the link"

The dear old friend I was speaking of was my friends sister. I thought that she had changed, but she hasn't. What she said to her sister was one of the reasons I distanced myself from her in the first place. She is the last person seriously that should be saying her sister has demons. I hate saying it, but it is true.

Rhianna said...

Lillith is a lovely name. What did they choose as a middle to go with it? I'm sorry, I'm named after an "Irish Witch" or "Welsh Mare Goddess" which in turn is derived from proto-Celtic for "Great Queen".

My highly stupid-religious family members still hate my name because I'm named after a 'witch'. They're stupid because they WANT to be stupid, they don't want to learn the myths, they don't want to know it's history, they've latched onto the worst possible meaning to a usage not present in the ancient Celtic forms. (I distinquish between religious and "BECAUSE WE SAY SO" cram it down your throat STUPID religious family members (extended - uncles, grandfather, cousins, never my parents or even most of the aunt/uncle/cousin/3 grandparents sane mix.))

I feel sorry for the kid that they have relatives that hateful, that predisposed to dig for the worst, but I personally think the name is pretty damn cool! I too hope she grows into a strong, powerful woman and takes pride in her name. :D

Ellie said...

Lilith Sojourn

Sojourn means Important one. I think it is a lovely name. My friend is anything but mainstream. She likes unique.

Her other Daughter is named Gwynivere Satori. Satori means Enlightenment.

Ice said...

When I hear the name 'Lilith' one thing comes to mind....

Lilith from Cheers (Frasier's wife) that hard, tough to please upperclass snot.


But with the name itself... I wouldn't pick it but to each their own and I don't think anyone should curl their lip about it.

Hardly worth a second thought what someone chooses to name their child.

My children are Liam and Ethan... my taste, not the next persons.

Ellie said...

I like the name Liam Ice. It is different. I like Ethan too.. What are thier middle names?

Should we have a boy his name will be Dylan Edward or Dylan Michael..and a girl will be Brooklyn Josephine or Josephine Helen. Haven't decided.

Ice said...

Liam Holden, and Ethan Isaac.

I know, Holden is strange. I wanted Hayden, daddy didnt.

If I have a girl (if I have another) I want her to be Lauren something, but prior ... if my boys I have now were girls I had the names Saybren Brooke for Liam and Mackenzie also. Ethan... well hubby wanted Alanna, I was like mehh.... anyways, we had a boy and I just wanted Ethan :)

Ice said...

LOL I also liked Sequioa, but my hubby refused saying she sounded like a stripper!


Ellie said...

Well Ice, Mackenzie is also a girls name.. so you could have Lauren Mackenzie...

I like Holden... Nice names though all the way around.

Sara said...

They are religous...but sometimes I think that they use their religon against others.

Exactly Ellie,
Religious does not mean you can judge, people do that with their own ignorance!
Hell, we wanted to call our first child Jubilee!

Nicole said...

Ellie, the name you have picked out for your bambino are very nice.

I secretly am pulling for Josephine, if you ahve a daughter.
I love the name Josie!!!

I know it is after your grandmother, who is Helen after?

Nicole said...

Oh, forgot to tell you, my sisinlaw called and her C-sec is booked for April 16th.

So, my little nephew will be a big brother in a little over a month.
They haven't decided on a boy's name, my brother really likes the name Ethan,but in my nephew's tumbletots class, there is 22 kids and 8 of them are named Ethan, so my sisinlaw said no.
I think it is a very nice name too. There is a little Ethan on my block, he's a sweetheart.

If it's a girl, they are naming her Julia.
I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a JULIA!!!!
This is probably the last baby for our family and I only have 1 nephew so I REALLY want a neice. If it's another little boy, it's all good too, but it would be nice to have one of each to spoil!

Nicole said...


Really Sara?
How did you go from Jubilee to the other end of the alphabet?


I like the theme you picked for all your girls!

Ellie said...

Josephine Helen was my grandmother's full name Nic.

Josephine means the Lord Increases and Helen means Torchlight.

Helen in greek mythology was supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world. She was the cause of the Trojan war.

Josephine was taken from Josephine Bonaparte that is who my grandmother was named after. We are decendants of the Bonapartes.

Sarah Jane said...

Random comment from a random person on the internet for you... I am a Christian and I do believe the Bible is real and true and demons are real, but honestly the whole Lilith story is a bunch of crap made up by superstitious people ages ago. You know, the kind that would cut off your head if you disagreed with them and said the earth was round instead of flat? In the Bible it mentions NOTHING about her, and furthermore, demons are the angels who followed Lucifer in trying to rise up against God and were kicked out of heaven, they did NOT come from a woman. I personally love the name Lilith, it's very beautiful and ethereal sounding, and I am seriously thinking of giving it to a future daughter. Your friend sounds like me because I want to name a daughter Guinevere too.

Ellie said...

Thank you so much Sarah! Come back and join us in conversation any time!