Friday, March 23, 2007

Where I come from!!! (this is a long one ya'll)

Maryland, my home state. Me and Nic have been discussing the Maryland crab b/c another bloggie friend mentioned he came from Minnesota...I said..geesh what's out there? SOOO I thought a cool thing for all my bloggie contacts today would be to post about "Where ya'll come from" I think it would be neato!

So I will start. Maryland Home Flower, Black-eyed Susan, Bird Oriole, Song, Maryland My-Maryland, Best known for the Maryland Crab!

We have Annapolis. Great Shopping. Historically important in the developement of the settlers and America. Great Harbor with pretty sail boats and great food!
The US Naval Academy (That is yummy too wink wink)
You can take boats out and go drudging for oysters! Slimey but fun! It is the Capital of Maryland.

We have the Baltimore Harbour, again historical, especially for the battles. Great Art district. The Baltimore Aquarium. Comedy clubs, Shopping, Dining, very close to Orioles Stadium (ick) and the Ravens(ick ick) (sorry that is the hubby in me)

We have Ocean City. The outlets are there for great shopping deals. The Beach with vacation homes and expensive hotels. The best damn caramel popcorn in the world. Putt Putt golf, the boardwalk with hundreds of tempting treats to choose from, you can't just eat one kind of funnel cake. The amusement parks with crazy ridges and the Sling Shot bungee!
Assateague Island, a natural barrier with beautiful marsh lands and also where all the wild horses run free on the beaches.
This is my little One running for the water in Ocean City.

Deep Creek Lake. Ski trails in the winter, Great Camping and hiking in the summer near the lake. Beautiful water falls. Up this way too you have some awesome white water rafting! That shit gets crazy. But the best part of deep creek...Candy World! (wink wink)Kind of crazy though when you are camping and too scared to walk to the nearest bathroom at 2 am so you go in the woods and see one glowing eye staring out think it is a bear so you freak out pee on your leg and run to your hubby who shines the flash light...and it turns out to be a deer.(not that that happened to me or anything)
And who could forget the Maryland Crab. Steamed with Old Bay seasoning, a bowl of melted butter on one side and a bowl of vinegar mixed with old bay for dipping on the other. Some love their crab in the famous Maryland Crab cake, some like it in Maryland Crab Chowder or Maryland Crab I like it sitting for 3 hours picking at the table eating nothing but fresh steamed lump crab ...melting in my mouth like the creamiest M&M, only better!

There ya have it. There is a ton more and my fellow Maryland'ers would probably hit me for missing it all, but hey... this is my website hahahahahahahahahaa!

So where do you come from? RWA, ECRAIG, NIC, NiKKY, HYPERSONIC>>>>this means you!


Nikky said...

I don't know that I can do Minnesota the way you did Maryland (verra good job, sounds like a great place!)
I'll give it a shot over at my blog tho... but didn't your friend talk about Minnesota already?

Ellie said...

just in bloggie comments .. nothing major.. I would love to read of your Minnesota!

Nicole said...

Alright, I will do this...but I just do it here, I don't have to make a post do I?

You know I am helpless when it comes to adding pictures!!! I'll try to drum up a link or 2!!!

This may take awhile and I have a couple things to finish, so hang in there with My SASKATCHEWAN!!!!!!

Ellie said...

you don't have to post pics Nic...that is just my thing. I just thought it would be neat to learn a little about the different places we all come from. You can tell alot about a person.

Did you like Maryland

Nicole said...

Of course I did. Like I said at my place, I am interested in travelling almost anywhere.

So, do I come back here with my Prairie tidbits or make a post at my blog?

Ellie said...

anywhere you want dear

RWA said...

Wow, it is going to take me a while to come up with that much stuff about Alabama.

Great post. That is very interesting.

I have been to Maryland on business once, but I was there less than 24 hours - and it was raining the entire time. I didn't get to do any sightseeing - and I didn't get to try any of your famous crabs.

Ellie said...

Well if you are ever here again..ring me up.. hubby will take ya to shoot pool then we'll go for da crabbies!!!!

Ellie said...

Goodness with all this talk of crabs...I am getting a craving!!! I can't help myself when I am pregnant and the doc says only once can I eat crabbies. grrrrr....I don't know if I can wait!

Nicole said...

Why are you allowed to only eat them once during your pregnancy?

With how sick you have been and all the weight you have thrown up, exactly waht is the reasoning behind this????

Ellie said...

Mercury poisoning.

See I can't just have 10...

Ellie said...

man..after this post and the talk of crabs with Nic.. I had to find crabs last night. We found this place out of the way and had the best all you can eat crabs....cost us $100, but so worth it!

e.Craig said...

Guess I'll have to try to put something together about Ohio. Your post is EXCELLENT, Ellie.

I had a girlfriend in Silver Springs back in the early 60s.

Ellie said...

no pressure ecraig... i would love to know more about ohio though