Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it wise?

CHAPEL HILL, North Carolina (Reuters) - Democrat John Edwards said on Thursday he will continue his campaign for the White House even though his wife Elizabeth has suffered an incurable recurrence of the cancer that struck her in 2004.
"The campaign goes on. The campaign goes on strongly," Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina and the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee, said at a news conference in his hometown with Elizabeth at his side.

Cancer...whew! That is a tough one. Then to find out that it is incurable. I pray for their family, but I don't know if I could vote for a person whose wife is battling cancer. That takes up alot of attention, and God forbid anything were to happen to her. How would our president cope running a country AND taking care of a dying wife properly. I sure hope she lives a long and healthy life. I just think that he needs to take care of her, adding taking care of an entire country to that palate seems to great of a challenge. I could be wrong...but that is just my personal take.


Nicole said...

If I were American I am pretty sure that this is the man that would get my vote. I don't know much about your politics, other then I know I for sure wouldn't be a republican and I think this man has a lot of integrity and has the makings of a great president.

It is really to bad about his wife and I too will keep good thoughts for them.

Ellie said...

So would you be voting for him b/c he is staying in...or b/c you actually know a ton about his policies and he is the best candidate?

I just worry that if we were under attack and his wife became really ill.. how could he possibly handle such an emotional roller coaster and protect Americans when his thoughts would be divided?

Nicole said...

I don't know, as I am not American.
I just know what I have read about him and the politcal talk at RT's has always been in his favour.
If I was able to vote, I would for sure read up and become as knowledgable as I could and then vote accordingly to what was important to me.

I know this sounds so weird and probably naive on my part, but i don't live in fear of my country being attacked and I have never cast a vote towards a politician over who I thought would best protect my country if we are attacked. That is just so not an issue to me, most Canadians ( I would suspect)

From what I know of John Edwards, I respect and think he would make a good president.
I can't stand Bush ( I'm sorry...I have to be honest...please forgive me) and would never vote for him EVER, so to me J.E's looks pretty sweet.
I guess it's easy for me to make my decision because I don't get a vote..haha

Nicole said...

Don't the presidents actaully have advisories. Do they actually make decisions THEMSELVES, or do they not have to get certain approvals first?
I seriously do not know.
If your country was attacked, would the president not go into hiding and one of the lackeys handle things anyway?

Ellie said...

Yes, it is a network Nic.. however the President has veto authority and pretty much the big say. He is also in charge of leading the country in the right direction. It isn't like his advisors could make the decisions without him.

I am also leary of voting a democrat in right now b/c of them wanting to take away the child care tax credit and our dependant credit to be cut in half. Penalize the families...I can't do it.

Nicole said...

Politics is a funny game.
Our current CPC government made elections promises to my province in the tune of $800 mill equalization payments.
they just passed the budget and totally lied to the people of my province..they are giving the province $200 mill.

It is all complex and like I said, I don't know all that inregards to your government.
Usually the democrats have more social programs so I am surprised to hear about the childcare tax it for all or just wealthy?

Here in my country it's healthcare and the environment. That's the talk. I am hoping they have turned the page in regards to SSM. Move on already...majority except for the religious right don't care if gay couples marry.
It's 2007 for cripes sake...

Ellie said...

It is for everyone Nic. But you don't see them taxing the upper class, then they would be taxing themselves. I think it is weird that they try to appeal to the families on welfare and the family unit as a whole and then go and do that shit. Then when put to the test as for standing up for gays, they have to consult so they don't overstep their bounds and lose their southern church following. Did you see my post about that with hillary and obama?

I really think they are full of promises when it comes to SSM, but it will be last on the agenda...if it makes it at all.

RWA said...

I found this entire thing a bit strange as well, Ellie. I mean, Edwards at best is third in his own party right now - behind Hilary and Obama.

I don't think I could go on with such a stressful, time-consuming career move if my wife or a close loved one was suffering through such a horrible thing.

Ellie said...

You never know might be the urging of his wife that is making him proceed. I do agree with Nic that he has integrity, but doesn't it always seem that those with integrity finish last in the political races.

I will pray for his family. Cancer is a never ending battle.