Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why I don't trust politics

It's all about the political dance. What can we say or commit to without offending or alienating the different groups we try to appeal to. The gay issue is one of the major issues for me that make me look to the 'other' side. I have always voted with Republicans, but I have a duty to protect the cival rights of those I love and respect. Following the Moral issue post, Democrat runners Clinton and Obama, who very openly support gay rights, had not said anything to discredit the Morality statement from General Pace, Why? Especially since they openly fight for gay equal rights? This article tells us why :

While both Clinton and Obama are courting gays and lesbians, and would allow them to serve openly in the military, the Democratic front-runners have been curiously reticent about challenging the statements of the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff.The highest-profile pol to say homosexuality is not immoral?

"So why the dance? Clinton and Obama supporters, speaking on condition of anonymity, said both might have been trying to avoid offending socially conservative Democrats, particularly churchgoing African-Americans, who share Pace's views.

Later, an Obama spokesman said the senator, in fact, disagrees with Pace

That sequence was remarkably similar to Clinton's responses Tuesday. When an ABC reporter asked her about the issue, she replied, "Well, I am going to leave that to others to conclude."

Later, a Clinton spokesman said the senator, in fact, also disagrees with Pace.

Steve Sanders, a gay Democrat who sat on the party's platform committee in 2000, said Clinton and Obama are engaged in a delicate balancing act. "Hillary and Barack have made very public overtures to religious Americans. They are trying to figure out how progressive Democrats can also make appeals to Americans of faith. It's a work in progress."

So what I take from this is basically, Clinton and Obama didn't want to speak up because they are also courting Church going people. So if they actually follow through and stick up for the gay and lesbian community...instead of just making promises, they might alienate a portion of their voting community. So I ask myself, are they really going to follow through with the promises they are offering the gay community? Or are they saying it to get the vote?

Attention Democrat vote is may still get my republican ass to elect you, but don't make empty me, prove to me that you will follow through!!!


Hypersonic said...

This is politics. Of course Clinton and Obama won't come outright and condemn Pace's comments, because the reality exists that a huge number of voters are, if not outright homophobes, at least feel uncomfortable with homosexuality. You are not going to go against popular feeling, you are going to have to walk the thin tightrope of public opinion and not be seen to endorse things that the moral majority oppose...until you get in power that is.

I haven't heard any Republican candidates come right out and support Pace's views either, so they know the political two-step as well.

Nikky said...

Ellie, I appreciate and applaude your honesty and open mindedness (that's a word, right?)

What I can't stand are people who will vote for THEIR party regardless of ANYTHING... Dems or Reps, doesn't matter... listen to the candidates, vote based on that, not just on party affiliation!

RWA said...

They aren't going to say what they think. Instead, they're going to say what they think a majority of the people want to hear.

It's pitiful.

Ellie said...

Hypersonic...the reason you don't see any Republican officials come out in support is b/c I don't think there are any. I will have to do some research on that.

Hillary finally came out with a statement, but not before thinking long and hard about what she was going to say.

Ellie said...

I honestly don't know who I am going to vote for Nikky. Right now, Guiliani lost my vote. He believes in the public funding of abortions for lower class. It seems to me that a low cost birth control plan would be more effective. Instead he just wants to butcher the babies and have my tax dollars pay for it. Fuck that!

I am kinda liking the morman right now...but I am still undecided.

I was really taking a close look at Hillary, but something in my gut doesn't trust her.

RWA...that is why I do not trust politics

Woozie said...

They're politicians. By nature they don't follow through :)

e.Craig said...

Q: How do you know when a politician is lying?
A: His/her lips are moving.

Show me a politician who remains steadfast on his/her stand on a controversial subject, and I just might vote for him/her. When they pander to their audience, they lose their credibility. We deserve a president who is credible.

Ellie said...

You know what I just heard....ecraig...
The democrats are now saying that they do not plan to get rid of Bush's tax cuts, but instead they will reduce the child tax credit and the child care tax credit...I am not going to vote democratic if that is the case. They never want to hit the upper class..that would be hitting themselves. They would rather take away money from me, working class, not rich, raising a family. So they keep saying they want to support the poor...well take away those credits and you F*** us all!