Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Worst credit rating in the world????

you thought I would be talking about America...but nope although I am sure we come in close second or third, California folks!!!

Unable to come up with the cash to pay back creditor's and tax payers, the terminator has terminated funding...(temporarily)

People won't get their state refunds, instead they will get a peice of paper, no doubt written in red crayon that will say I.O.U.

Thank goodness that the educational system is protected by the California constitution, because we all know how politicians think, they would stream the money into the prizons to make sure they get food and fair treatment. As of right now, Arnold can't pay the businesses that stream food into local prisons, hospitals and state run old fogie homes. So in short that means, Early release for pedifiles, if your sick, you die, if your disabled, the good ol crutches come back, and old people...well...good luck getting a clean diaty.

Listen, I have family in Cali, so I am not trying to belittle the situation. It is a very grave and dire thing going on over there. This kind of money short fall hasn't been seen since the Great Depression. People are going to start leaving Cali. (Although I have been wanting my family to leave for years...I heard it's going to break off ya'll) But Arnold needs to make up his damn mind!!! He was quoted saying "It's time for the legislature to send me a budget that solves our entire deficit with out raising taxes". Arnold babe...why aren't you in there with your sleeves rolled up? OBAMA??? Where are you in all this?

California, historically, is a leader in the United States. Meaning, after it happens in California, other states normally follow pursuit, and not just in trend setting.

California needs help. Imagine what we could do if we all donated a dollar?


Don said...

If we all donated them a dollar it would still collapse, just look at the auto industry we all donated to.

I too fear that once CA collapses, other states will begin having problems. Partially because other states will be inundated with people leaving CA for better jobs, housing, and income.

Scary times right now...

Anonymous said...

look at the unemployment rate for june another some 425,000 jobs JUNE