Saturday, August 08, 2009

Free Nationalized Healthcare

Do I want it?

I don't know.

I think healthcare reform is the answer, not free health care to the country.

I think of it this way. Michael and I had Tyler, a wonderful gift from God, but a surprise. We weren't prepared. We weren't prepared for $195 a week in childcare and the $550 a month for family health care. Yes, we made good money, but good money wasn't enough for us, but too much for the system to help us out.
We got by, but there are others that don't.

Now our healthcare has climbed around $600, and daycare around $1900 a month. The mortgage is high, going higher, and the everyday bills pile up.
Some relief would be nice. $600 in healthcare $60 in dental and $60 in vision. So $720 a month just for health.
Then we have a deductible of $2300 per person $5000 max in the house.

What are the high premiums for then... so we can choose our doctor. So we can choose the specialist our child sees, so we have the freedom of a second opinion or third if we choose.

Healthcare reform. Lower premiums and the freedom to choose.
Obama's plan is not offering both.

I wish my canadian folks were here to tell me how it works there.


paz y amor said...

From the way I understand it, free health care in Canada and UK is paid for thru higher taxation. They focus on prevention and treatment the patient needs and aren't bogged down with the insurance companies deciding what and what not to pay for. The problem for us is that there is too much lobbying in DC to allow that to happen. The business sector and political sector are in bed with each other....

samantha said...

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e.Craig Crawford said...

Trial lawyers have pumped tons of money into the coffers of our elected officials .. so it is not surprising that tort reform is not in this health care bill.

Obama's claim that people can keep their current health care is disingenuous because he knows that companies will dump their expensive medical insurance plans, forcing their employees to go to socialized medicine.

It appears that the REAL problems that have caused health care premiums to go through the roof are not being addressed in this bill before Congress.

The quality of health care is significantly diminished in those countries that provide socialized medicine. And I don't want a panel of bureaucrats deciding which medical procedures are appropriate for me.