Thursday, June 12, 2008

Conversations with Hubby, Mommy (crabs and crack)

Hubby: "Hey Honey Tell your mom I want crabs for father's day"

Ellie : "I can give you crabs"

"Well I hope not"

"Oh but you can go and get crabs from my mother?"

( ellie Ring ring..calling mom)

" Mom, Mike says he wants crabs for father's day"

Mom: "What??? He wants crack for Father's day???" ( mom must be deaf)


" Well Tell him to go out and get a ho! I don't have crabs!!!"

Laughter ensues!!!


Slick said...

lol...your Mom sounds pretty cool

Ellie said...

she is.. she actually wanted to stain the cement around her pool in different colors. So she thought that we should all get together and smoke some mary jane so that our artistic juices would flow and make it really cool looking.

Nevermind the fact that if one of us fell in we would probably drown.

RWA said...

Well, I see Mom and daughter think a lot alike.

That's a funny story.

paz y amor said...

Nice. I guess we now know where your wit comes from!