Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I thought to myself "Oh My God!"

So I was on ebay the other day. I wanted to sell an item that I had engraved incorrectly. So I decided to type the name Cayden, to see what came up, and if there was anything for sale similar.
What I got blew my mind. There was a person selling photos of a little boy on a bed in suggestive poses.
I grabbed my husband and started crying. He was in agreement that it was definately child porn.

I got on the net and called a hot line I found and this is what took place:
"center for missing and exploited children."
" I would like to report someone selling child pornography"
" Where is this happening?"
"I was searching something on ebay, and someone was selling partially nude photos of a boy"
"about how old was the boy?"
"9 or 10"
" Since it was through the Internet you need to log onto our website and email us your complaint"
"But the listing will end and it will be gone, is there someone I can call?"
"Your local police department and they will just call us."
"what about higher than that?"
"You can call the FBI"
"What would be their next step"
"They would report it to us"
"Does the police department or the FBI have to send their complaint to you via email too?!!!"
"excuse me ma'am"
"NO!!! There is a little boy somewhere being hurt and you want me to email you even though I have you on the phone with all the information you need."
"That is how the procedure works, we will follow up with it and let you know what happens, someone will contact you"

I slammed down the phone at that point.

I sent the complaint. Through my own digging, it turned out the photos were from a movie and they were still shots. They were very disturbing, but legal.

What upsets me even more...It has been two days, and I haven't heard a thing about my complaint. If it turned out to be a real boy, he could be dead by now.


Slick said...


Sounds like someone's procedures are screwed up.

Did you complain to ebay as well?

Woozie said...

Yay bureaucracy!