Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In The News ; What is this world coming to?

Woman Collapses in Hospital; takes 45 minutes for someone to check on her; dies
KINGS COUNTY (WABC) -- New York City hospital officials promised reforms at a Brooklyn psychiatric ward where surveillance footage captured a woman falling from her chair, writhing on the floor and dying as workers watched without helping for an hour.
Esmin Green, 49, had been waiting in the emergency room at the city-owned Kings County Hospital Center for nearly 24 hours when she toppled from her seat at 5:32 a.m. on June 19, falling face down on the floor.
She was dead by 6:35, when someone on the medical staff, flagged down by a person in the waiting room, finally approached, nudged Green with her foot, and gently prodded her shoulder, as if to wake her. The staffer then left and returned with someone wearing a white lab coat who examined her and summoned help.
Until the staffer's appearance, Green's collapse barely caused a ripple. Other patients waiting a few feet away didn't react. Security guards and a member of the hospital's staff appeared to notice her prone body at least three times, but made no visible attempt to see if she needed
This woman was waiting in the hospital waiting room for 24 hours before she collapsed. Hospital staff let her lay there on the floor for 45 minutes until they responded to her. The people in the waiting room just let the woman lay there. SHE IS DEAD!!! What the hell is this world coming to when you can't go to the hospital expecting reasonable treatment and you are left to die in the waiting room. The waiting room didn't look that busy either.
Pregnant woman Carjacked; Punched in stomach
Anne Arundel County police say a man punched a pregnant woman in the stomach during an attempted carjacking.Police received reports of an armed man in the 300 block of Arden Road about 4 a.m. Tuesday where three men were attempting to steal a car from two men and a pregnant woman.Police say the men and woman were leaving their car when Rashad Knight of Glen Burnie, Rashard Watkins of Baltimore and Travis Johnson of Baltimore approached. Watkins and Johnson are 17 but are charged as adults and Knight is 18.Police don't say which man punched the woman or what her condition is. When the woman said the car had Lo-Jack, the men ran.
My question is this...if the guy was going to punch the pregnant woman in the stomach...WHAT WAS THE GUN FOR??? He had a gun!!! pointed it right at her...why did he need to punch her in the stomach??? ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!


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Slick said...

It's actually sad...and pathetic.

people have no concern for other's well being any longer.

Kinda makes me scared to be raising children in this day and time.