Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Wow America....stamp me impressed. Barack Obama won the presidency vote by almost two and a half times...(electorial that is). Does this mean that "change" is on the horizon? What does this do for racism in our country...can people finally put differences aside and come together as One Nation Under God? That sure is a nice thought. I woke up this morning and even though it's raining, I had a little more pep in my step. I saw people buying newspapers with Obama's face filling up the front page. I saw people smiling. Maybe even the mere fact that America has made history electing the first Black U.S. President, has given us a lift?

I know it's about time.

BUT...there is a BUT... I am very disappointed that California probably passed proposition 8. While we made leaps and bounds moving forward, it looks like California took leaps and bounds backward.


Nicole said...

I watched his acceptance speech last night up in ole Canada and I even shed a tear or two.

I am also VERY excited and I too believe that the times are a-changin in this wonderful world of ours.

I think he is going to make a fine President and hope that people realize that he inherited a legecy that was already f*cked and is in a huge mess,,,but I have faith he is going to do his best to turn things around, better then McCain & Palin ever could.

I'm excited Ellie...and I think the whole world is too!

Woozie said...

Have you ever tried leaping backwards? It's pretty hard to do, and you usually fall on your ass.

Ellie said...

Wooz.. I must try that!