Saturday, November 22, 2008

SO remind me again...where do I live?

so like yeah... remember the post about the sweet innocent deer that get hit by cars and someone goes and steals the antlers off of them...remember how sad that made me...

well up the street there is a deer that got hit by a car....tragic, I know....but um..yeah's now missing a head.



e.Craig Crawford said...

I don't understand that mentality. Who would want a trophy they didn't earn.

A hunter might take a trophy, but he also takes the meat because the only justification for killing an animal is for food.

This is the rutting season, and deer are on the move. Especially males. While a deer can bolt onto the roadway at any hour, their most active times are around dusk and dawn. I hope we'll all be extra alert as we drive the roads this time of year.

Just Dave said...

Yep, I'll be watching for them. I saw a nice group of around 12 a couple of nights ago when I was out an about. i can't believe someone would stop to chop the head off a dead deer. There is someone with real feelings of inadequacy out there.

Ellie said...

There is a herd of 30 that camp out in a field near my house. Next Saturday I am getting up really early to stake the place out and get a few photos of them.

the other night, Mike and I parked next to a field and watch four fawns chase each other through the field for about 10 minutes. It was cute!

Just Dave said...

Be warned - I have taken many pictures of deer, sometimes with as many as 20 animals in it, only to have it just be a picture of a field. It is amazing how well they blend into the background in photos.

Ellie said...

not with my camera they won't :)

it was a gift from hubby last year, and one of my favorite things in this world.