Thursday, May 21, 2009

Guantánamo Bay

Guantánamo Bay, ask me if I care...I will say, who cares about water couldn't of been that bad, if it was done right, no one would be talking about it, would they? I guess this is one of my more liberal views.

You know, you have terrorists...kill thousands of Americans and plot to kill thousands more. They test their bio chemicals on their own people, put guns in the hands of children and strap bombs on marter women, all in the name of what??? God???

I don't think that's God.

Yeah I hear all of you who say "Be merciful" but do you think if the tables were turned, all you would get is a little water in the face. Think again, and Heaven help you if you have a vagina.

I do recall several instances where if Americans were captured, you would find them eventually, missing their heads, but hey...atleast it wasn't water boarding.
Like I said, one of my more liberal views.


e.Craig Crawford said...

We have put the kabosh to several big terrorist attacks around the world thanks to water boarding.

The lily livered liberals will change their tune when they witness the deaths of friends & family from such attacks.

paz y amor said...

Though I don't condone government sponsored torture by the US, I agree with you. Waterboarding is nothing compared to the shit terrorists have done. My thing is that we're "supposed" to be above torturing enemies- even though we all know it happens.