Sunday, April 23, 2006

You know what erks me....Parents & Sex!

Since when was is okay to talk to your kids about your sex life? I guess they figure your married and have kids so you know what the fuss is all about....right? But when did they have the revelation that it no longer grossed you out?
Point of the story...I have had a couple conversations with my mother about the dirty "S" word when it comes to parents. At first it was a little
un-comfortable but then it was like talking to a girlfriend....then the boundries were crossed. My father and mother were on the phone with me one evening and my father yells out "By the way, Thank You!!!" about what I wondered until my loving mother said she "shared" my words of wisdom. He joked saying he would call me himself the next time. Yes, I threw up!
Then this evening, dad proceeds to tell me how the cat ate my mother's diamond earring off her ear. My Husband did the cat do that. Quote my father " When mom gets out of the shower, she likes the cat to lick her off! What I don't understand is why she lets the cat sit all over her and cover her with fur right after she takes a shower!" Dad You have problems if that is ALL you are worried about. (wink wink)
Yes his words were slightly mis-spoken, however, the laugh my mother let out and my husband was none the less....well...the thought again, please pass me my barf bag!
Any comments about Parents & Sex, please share or anything else that erks you!


Anonymous said...

You know what irks me? People who can't spell.

Himself said...

Thanks for your comment, however you missed the point. I too served my country and would do so again . I was just protesting the sinseless of all war And in my opinion the reason why war still exists. Cheers

Marcia said...

Seriously - my mother tried to talk to my husband about sex - about the fact that my brother was 2 weeks premature because she and my father had sex!! I'm scarred, but I think my husband is more so!


Stoopidgirl said...

heh heh...funny thing is I think I voted for you a couple times today in the BlogWars...or battles...or whatever you want to call them...I"m still wainting on results from my first battle. We'll see.

My parents were always open about sex. I'll stay off that topic. It was scary. All though I walked in on my dad masturbating once...that was more traumatizing then any sex talk could ever be. Eak!

Ellie said...

I walked in on my dad naked but have never had the misfortune of your experience!!! LOL